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Custom Made Duplex Kids Cubby House

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Custom Made Duplex Kids Cubby House

Our Custom Made Duplex Kids Cubby House is the perfect outdoor play space for your children. Our cubby house is made to order and features two levels with plenty of room for your kids to play, relax, and let their imaginations run wild. Our charming design includes a front porch, dutch doors, and plenty of windows to let in natural light. 

Our cubby house is constructed from durable materials to withstand the elements, ensuring it will last for years to come. Customizable options include colors, roof styles, and even additional features such as a slide or climbing wall. Give your children the ultimate play space with our Custom Made Duplex Kids Cubby House.

3D dimension layouts

3d dimension Cubby house

Cubby dimensions

Cubby Dimensions


The perfect mixture to inspire little minds. Our design can be changed around to suit your yard, so you tell us the layout that suits you best and we make it that way! 

Our Duplex Kids Cubby House is a gorgeous cubby that doesn't take up too much space in your yard. Because of the size, our Duplex Kids Cubby House is about more Activity based play. A great addition to our Duplex Kids Cubby House is adding the Cafe and Blackboard option for the ground level - what child doesn't love playing shops?


*Slides and accessories are purchased separately



Custom Cubby Information

Most of our cubbies including the forts, are made from the following; the floors and walls are made of plywood and the frames and remaining timber from LOSP treated, child friendly Baltic Pine.

As our cubbies are made to order, we would prefer you to contact us before making a purchase as shipping is different and we also need to arrange your plan and how you would like the cubby layout


Specifications of our Custom Made Duplex Kids Cubby House

Our cubby includes:

  • 1 x unpainted flat-packed cubby house
  • 4 x handles
  • Stairs and balustrades
  • Instructions with illustrations
  • All screws required
  • Polycarbonate roof panels



Our Custom Made Duplex Kids Cubby House can be changed, as it is made to order.  Ordering it will take 5-7 business days.


This is only available for depot delivery. This is considered as ugly freight by depots because of its weight, so only the selected depot accepts this kind of freight and does not offer home delivery.
We also don't suggest concreting in the legs as we find it not necessary unless the land is unstable.

But if you really would like to concrete the posts, please note that the cubby will lose the floor height of at least 300mm, (you need to concrete the legs at least 300mm into the ground for it to be effective).

If slides will be added, it is designed for certain floor heights. 2.3m slide for a 1.2m floor height, 3 metres slide for a 1.5m floor height. If the floor height is reduced, the slide will produce stress points and eventually crack, which voids our warranty.

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