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Maria L. - December 12, 2018

How To Accessorise A Cubby House

ids Cubby Houses in Australia are a very popular kids present.

We reccomend getting the kids involved in decorating their wooden cubby house.

This will also encourage them to take care and look after their cubby house long term (we can hope haha)

We are going to give you some fabulous ideas on how to decorate and accessorise a house!

7 ideas On How To Accessorise Your Wooden Cubby House

1. Paint the outside and inside of the Cubby House

Once you have found a cubby house for sale, and made the purchase!
We recommend painting it, not only does it add colour whether it be a neutral whites or lots of colour, it also protects the wooden cubby house against Australian weather.

You can also get the kids involved and get them to help you paint, they will LOVE it! 

2. Add a Kids Kitchen and a Little Rug or Mat

Kids Kitchens are a great option for every kids cubby house also a little rug would be so cute too! 

3. Art Easels

A good place to keep the arts and crafts out of the house (and the mess too) and adds another dimension of fun for the kids! Shop our range of Art Easels here

4. Kids Recliners

Kids Recliners are an awesome and super cute addition to any cubby house!

5. Kids Tables and Chairs

Every cubby must have table and chairs, gives the kids time to colour in, do a puzzle or make a cup of tea for some guests!

Shop our range kids table and chairs here.

6. Door Mats and Outdoor Plant Pots

Door mats and outdoor pot plants make a great homely accessory for wooden cubby houses.

7. Letterboxes

Letter boxes make a gorgeous add on, and why not use it to add some extra value. Write notes and letters to your little one and pop them into the letter box

We love cubby houses at All Things For Kids! If you have anything to add please comment below with the idea and we will add it to our post!

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