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Maria L. - October 29, 2019

11 Of The Best Games To Play On A Trampoline

rampolines are great sources of entertainment and exercise as the benefits of children playing outdoors are well documented.

They come in various shapes and sizes including round, rectangle and square.
At All Things For Kids, we have 6ft, 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, 14ft and 16ft trampolines.
We also have the in ground trampolines which are specifically engineered for sinking into the ground.

Due to their lack of height, they do not require an enclosure. They do not take a lot of room and are therefore great for small backyards.  There are several interesting games you can play on a trampoline.

Let’s dive into 12 of them.11 Interesting Games to Play on a Trampoline.

Whether you choose a rectangle trampoline or an in ground trampoline, you’re bound to have a great time on these devices.

Some of the games you could play include:

1. Frog Jump

Like the name suggests, one player becomes the frog. There are three players in this game.

How to Play:

Position one player on the trampoline — in the middle of the mat — with the two others on the outside of the trampoline. The player in the middle is the ‘frog’.

The Frog must bounce while the two outside players begin throwing the ball over the trampoline to one another, with the Piggy attempting to catch it.

The two outside players can slowly move their way around the outskirts of the trampoline to try and confuse the frog, but they must always throw it over the trampoline.

Once the frog catches the ball, the person who threw the losing ball is the new frog.

2. Airborne Catch

This is a perfect game for parent and child bonding as well as promote physical activity with children.

It’s also a great game because the parent has to be there to supervise children playing especially if they’re very young.

Ensure that kids play one at a time as this is the safest way to use trampolines.

How to play:

Position one player in the center of the trampoline, with the other player on the outside.
The player on the outside starts with the ball, throwing it as high as they can above the trampoline enclosure.

The player on the inside of the trampoline must then time their bounce and try to catch the ball while they’re in the air.

Each ball they successfully catch while airborne is worth a point. Whoever achieves the most airborne catches out of 10 throws, wins!

3. Memory Game

As the name suggests, this game helps improve memory and concentration, and you can play it with multiple players.

How to Play:

Choose a player to go first and perform a trick on the trampoline.

That player leaves the trampoline, before the next player enters.

The second player must perform the first player’s trick, while adding a trick of their own to the sequence.

The third player then enters the trampoline and performs the first two players’ tricks, while adding their own, third trick to the cycle.

Players continue this process, taking turns to add to the trick sequence.

A player is eliminated if they perform the wrong trick or perform it at the wrong time during the sequence.

The winner is the player who is left standing by remembering the correct tricks and performing them in the correct arrangement.

* Knocked out players can serve as judges to help remember the current trick sequence.

4. Birds in the Nest

All you need is a bag of light, differently-coloured plastic balls, and you’ll be set to play ‘Bird in the Nest’.

This game combines treasure hunting, running and throwing — perfect to get kids outside having fun.

How to Play:

Select one player as the ‘Bird in the Nest’. The remaining players are ‘Runners’. Designate each runner a specific ball colour.

Remove the Runners from the backyard. The bird must hide the coloured balls in garden beds, outdoor furniture, etc. The sneakier the better!

Ask the Bird to sit inside the trampoline enclosure, when they're done. Bring the Runners back into to the backyard.

When you say, 'Go!', the Runners must begin their treasure hunt to locate the balls of their colour.

Each time a runner locates a one of their coloured balls, they must run it to the trampoline and throw it into the ‘nest’ for the Bird to collect.

When the Bird shouts, ‘To the nest!’ (at their own discretion), the Runners must return to the trampoline for the counting.
Whoever has the most of their coloured balls inside the nest is the winner.
They then become the Bird for the next round

5. Toxic Ball

If you’re up for some good physical activity, this will get the players active and jumping.

How to Play:

Participants take turns being the chosen player inside trampoline.

Everyone else throws balls into the trampoline from the outside, and the chosen player must avoid them while jumping.

As the balls roll around unpredictably, the chosen player is eliminated if they make contact with any of balls while they bounce.

Record each player’s time on the trampoline until they’re out. The winner is the player with the longest bounce time.

6. Castle Attack

A team-based game sharing similar traits with ‘Toxic Ball’ and combines the elements that makes dodgeball so fun.

How to Play:

Divide players into two teams.

The first team consists of a single player chosen as the ‘King’, who must stay within the trampoline enclosure.

The second team consists of the ‘Attackers’, who must stay outside of the trampoline bounds.

Attackers throw soft balls or water balloons over the trampoline enclosure, attempting to hit the King while he tries his best to dodge.

Once the King has been hit three times, the Attacker who scored the last hit becomes the new King and the process repeats.

The person who holds the longest time as the King is the winner.

7. Break The Egg

This one’s a classic! To play ‘Break The Egg’, three players hop on the trampoline.

We won't be doing any bouncing in this game, but it's still best to not have too many on the Jump Mat at once.

Don't forget to make sure that there is an adult is supervising!

How to Play:

Choose one player to be the Egg. They sit in the middle of the trampoline with their knees drawn up to their chest and their arms around their knees.

The other two players stand around the edge of the trampoline and push the Jump Mat up and down with their legs.

The goal is to make the Egg player ‘break– releasing their arms from around their legs.

Players take turns as the Egg, with the winner being whoever can stay unbroken the longest.

8. Bubble Zone

Let your toddlers or primary schoolers run amuck in the safest environment.
This one is more of an activity than a competitive game.

How to Play:

Get into your trampoline enclosure with your child.

With you sitting off to the side, and your child in the middle, start blowing those bubbles!

Try blowing the bubbles in all directions, and having your child pop as many as they can before they float onto the trampoline base.

Give them a go at blowing bubbles themselves! The cleaning-up is simple – a quick hose down will remove any residue.

9. Jericho Walls Fall

This is an interesting game based on a story about people who went around a town 7 times while singing songs until the walls came down.

At the 7th time the walls surrounding the town fell.

This is a fun competitive game that can include as many kids as there’s time to play.

In this game you will need some jenga building blocks or any blocks you can find.

How to Play:

Pile as many blocks as possible at the center of the trampoline.

Once the blocks are stable, have 1 player at a time hop on the trampoline.

Put on some music. The player to get the blocks all tumbling down after going round it in less than 7 times wins!

If it gets really competitive, the player to bring the blocks down fastest wins.

10. David vs. Goliath

This game is about a small boy called David who defeated a giant called Goliath with a sling and stone.

With just one throw, he hit Goliath on the head and he fell down.

This game is to be played by one player at the center who is ‘Goliath’ and 3 or 4 players on the ground taking the position of ‘David’ in turns.

Safety precaution*: Players must use a small soft ball that will not hurt the player on the trampoline.

How to Play:

Have one player hop on the trampoline to play ‘Goliath’.

‘Goliath’s’ goal will be to keep jumping to avoid being hit by the small ball from one of the players on the ground.

Each player on the ground will take turns to try and hit ‘Goliath’ at first try with the soft small ball.

The first one to hit ‘Goliath’ at the first try wins!

11. Believe and Hit

In this game, one player hops on the trampoline and is blindfolded.

The player on the outside is supposed to hit the ball towards the player on the inside and if the player on the trampoline is able to hit it they earn a point.

Use of a big balloon like ball is preferable.

How to Play:

First player hops on to the trampoline and is blindfolded by the player on the outside.

They’re supposed to jump and kick when the other player throws a them a ball.

The player on the outside is supposed to help the one on the trampoline kick or hit the ball.

When the player on the outside throws the ball on the outside the shout ‘believe’.

The player on the inside then starts jumping and kicking so as to try and hit the ball with their legs or hands while still blindfolded.

When the player in the center kicks or hits the ball, both players win.

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