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Kids need a space of their own to eat, learn, and play. No need to buy an elaborate child-friendly entertainment centre, though! If you’re looking to furnish your kid’s playroom, a simple set of kids wooden table and chairs is a versatile addition.

Having a kids table and chairs designed just for them can be empowering. They’ll begin to think, “Wow, I can do it myself! I have my furniture!” With the right approach, you can teach your children a sense of ownership and responsibility. They can learn to take care of their belongings and the possessions of others.  

The Benefits of Tables and Chairs for Kids

While children love to roll around on the floor, adding some tables and chairs to their space will add structure and direction in their early years.

One of the best places to see furniture used tactically is a classroom. A 2011 study on the impact of furniture on classroom performance found something interesting: Different types of furniture impacted learning in several ways. The study implied that having a diversity of furniture choices benefitted learning. The reason is that personal preferences and activities determine the best furniture for each situation.

Adults can relate — Without the right work station, it can be challenging to remain focused, persistent, and creative. So do your children or students a favour, and stock up on some kids’ tables and chairs. Below are some benefits of tables and chairs for kids. 

Nobody wants their kids to end up alone at the cafeteria table. Having the kids help set up the table before mealtime, and cleaning the table when they finish, is a great way to teach them valuable social skills. Taking care of their belongings also results in the sense of ownership and self-respect.

Kids Learn Table Manners and Practical Life Skills

Allows for a Creative Space

Kids use a table and chairs for more than eating snacks. Having a creative workspace for arts and crafts, practising writing and reading skills, and playing with toy slime and blocks are only some of the activities unlocked by a good set of tables and chairs. 

The Right Furniture Promotes Independence

Your little ones may depend too heavily on adult assistance if they have to rely on adult furniture. Adult furniture for a kid can sometimes be too bulky, tall, or even dangerous to use unsupervised (consider the nightmare of a wobbly glass kitchen table).

Help your kids out by getting them a right-sized table and set of chairs. Soon enough, they’ll begin making up their minds independently about when and where to sit, work and play at the table, or eat their food. 

Supports Healthy Posture

Nobody enjoys an uncomfortable table or chair. Smaller chairs prevent dangling legs and strained shoulders and backs. Compare that to a booster seat, which sometimes appears to have a deliberate design for bad posture and discomfort. 

A Table and Chairs for Kids Promotes Positive Sibling Interaction

Having everyone gather at the same table can even out any sibling rivalries while also providing enough personal space for all the kids. Plus, it’s one of the best playgrounds for team activities like games, arts and crafts.

Should I Buy Kids Wooden Tables and Chairs?

Both wood and plastic furniture have their pros and cons, but kids' wooden tables and chairs remain a popular choice for parents today. Wood is the best material to use in furniture for kids, and here’s why. 

Solid Timber Table With 2 Standard Chairs

Wood is Durable

Wooden tables and chairs purchased from a trustworthy store will be strong and long-lasting. Anything you give to a child is bound to take some damage. From scratches and spills, a well-made wood table, just like durable plastic, can withstand daily wear and tear.

Wooden tables and chairs are less likely to snap under pressure, so your children will be safer. Your child may accidentally break less durable, plastic furniture by sitting on top of the table or resting awkwardly in a chair.

Wood is Safe

It’s challenging to track where the synthetic chemicals in plastic tables and chairs originate. Wood, on the other hand, is a natural alternative to chemical-laden plastic furniture. The world is going green. Isn’t it time to teach your kids the same? 

Wood is Easy to Maintain 

We’re all busy people, especially parents and educators. With most wooden kids furniture, all you’ll need is a damp cloth and some gentle cleaning liquid to keep your kids’ tables and chairs in top condition.

This wooden kids table and chairs set is a great addition to your kids' room.

What to Look For When Buying Kids Tables and Chairs?

We’ve covered how it’s essential to use kids’ furniture that’s durable, non-toxic, and easy to maintain. Now let’s cover the final elements of a perfect kids table and chairs. 

  • Easy to move: Lightweight tables and chairs are more comfortable for the kids to carry around the house. The extra mobility adds to your kids’ sense of independence.
  • Usable indoors and outdoors: Plastic material may have an upside when it comes to weather versatility. However, you can find wooden furniture that is reasonably weather-resistant..
  • Resistant to tipping over: If your kids’ furniture is easy to carry, it may also have the trade-off that it’s easier to tip over. Accidents happen all the time, and as parents and teachers, we must be vigilant around our little ones.