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Your kids can have summer-like fun all-year-round without going to the beach and breaking the bank! Sand and water tables are here to save you and for your kids to love!

Who does not know that kids want to play all the time? Yes, all the time! Especially the toddlers who are on a mission to learn thru play. And one of the never-ending plays in each and every household with kids is the sand and water play; because with this play, they can mimic their favourite season of the year - Summer - anytime. 

Good news! Sand and water tables are here and available to sand and water play.

Did you know that kids playing with sand and water is one of the best and safest aid in your child's physical development especially with their fine motor skills. 

Children who play with sand and water are practicing their eye and hand coordination and at the same time, developing their fine motor skills, as they dip their hands in the sand, scoop it, sift it, funnel it and mold it.