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ooking for an ideal toy to get your children playing outdoors for hours on end? You need to consider investing in a cubby house.

There are countless benefits to getting your little one his own little house outside.

For starters, cubby houses can provide hours of outdoor entertainment, far from the video games, tablets and TVs many of our kids are so used to. Getting your child into the fresh air is very beneficial plus, chances are that if they’re outside they’re also getting some exercise and moving their muscles. 

Cubby houses

There are so many different things they can do in their kids cubby house, and you can let them play independently, they can play with their siblings or friends, or you can accompany them and let them show you around their house.

A cubby house is the perfect place for your child to flex those imagination muscles. The house can be a school, then a restaurant, then a fortress, depending on their mood. They can make up games and even make up people, inviting imaginary friends over for tea. And because it’s their space, it gives them a sense of possession, so it’s more special to them.

In their cubby house they can learn to enjoy peace and quiet, they can do their homework, they can have playdates, and they can use it to just chill out.

In short, a cubby house will help your child boost his creativity, improve his social and problem solving skills, and practice sharing and negotiation. And once you have one in your yard you may be faced with an interesting dilemma: getting your kids to leave their house and come back inside. 

Before Buying A Cubby House

Adding a cubby house to your yard is a big decision as these tend to be expensive, so before you buy, here are a few aspects to consider before you take the plunge.

You will need to measure the space you have and choose a cubby house that fits comfortably in your backyard. If the cubby house you like has a slide, be sure there is no drop in the land, or you will need to make adjustments

Camira Kids Cubby House - actual image
Camira Kids Cubby House - actual image
Camira Kids Cubby House - front angle
Camira Kids Cubby House - back angle
Camira Kids Cubby House - outdoor background
Camira Kids Cubby House - Kid Friendly Door
Camira Kids Cubby House - Treated Timber with UV Protection
Camira Kids Cubby House - window flower bed
Camira Kids Cubby House - letterbox
Camira Kids Cubby House - flower bed with flowers
Camira Kids Cubby House - plastic windows
Camira Kids Cubby House -front veranda
Camira Kids Cubby House - flooring included
Camira Kids Cubby House - safe windows
Camira Kids Cubby House - kids taking a look at the letterbox
Camira Kids Cubby House - kids writing on a chalkboard

Camira Kids Cubby House

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