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Wooden Swing Sets

If you’re looking for something for your kids that promises hours of endless outdoor fun, consider investing in a wooden swing set for the yard. There are so many options out there, it’s just a question of picking the right one.

Wood is a great option as these swing sets generally last longer than their metal counterparts, if you maintain them properly. Additionally, wood is sturdier and will rot more slowly than metal sets.

On the off chance that you’re still not fully convinced that you need a wooden swing set, you will be after you hear about all the benefits of swinging for kids.

To start with, being outdoors is positive for children and has been proven to support their immune systems, help them calm down, reduce stress and boost their mood.  

Spending time in nature is a natural mood enhancer and swinging is simple and relaxing, so it will indubitably get your child smiling.

There’s no denying that a wooden swing set gets your kids moving and the blood flowing, too. Swinging promotes general fitness and can burn up to 200 calories in an hour, not to mention increase the release of endorphins. It also helps kids develop their balance and hand-eye coordination. Having a set in your yard also helps you incorporate physical exercise into their day to day and allows them to strengthen their arms, legs and core.

Playing on a swing set, pushing other kids and climbing up ladders (and the other activities kids enjoy in this setting) helps them develop body and spatial awareness, fine motor skills, grip strength, and finger coordination.

Swinging also helps kids learn how to focus and concentrate. Believe it or not, their ability to swing for even a few minutes is a skill they will carry with them later in life. Additionally, swinging teaches kids about consequences, like what goes up must come down, and if they walk in front of the swing they could get kicked. 

What To Look For In A Wooden Swing

Before you invest in this type of equipment, these are a few important factors to consider. . 

It goes without saying that you’ll need to figure out how much space you have in your yard and find a swing set that fits. Keep in mind that you’ll need space in front of the set and behind it for your child to swing comfortably.

Make sure that the area where you’re going to set up the swing set is relatively flat. This will ensure better stability. Alternatively, you can create a foundation for the swing set by laying mulch, sand or gravel, for example. This will provide your kids with a soft landing from the slide and the swings.

Broadly speaking, the most popular types of woods used in wooden swing sets are pine, redwood and cedar. The latter two naturally repel water and insects, and redwood tends to be more expensive than pine and cedar. Whatever the wood, make sure it’s stained and sealed, as this will help it maintain its aesthetic and keep it structurally sound over time.

One last consideration is who is going to be using the swing set. Do you have more than one child? Will you have cousins over to play? Will you be inviting lots of friends from the neighborhood to the house? Consider how old your kids are and how many kids will be playing with the swing set as this will help you determine which type of swing to buy and if you’ll get enough use from a set with a slide.

You’re officially ready to buy a wooden swing set for your yard. Keep scrolling to see the very best options for your family.