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Looking for a gift that will offer your child a fun, natural, and peaceful place to play? A kids sandpit will allow them to explore and play.

Sandpits are wonderful for kids and while it is a great fun "toy" there are also so many benefits for their health and wellbeing. 

Sandpits can be a child's safe place, where they go to calm down or have quiet time after a busy morning or afternoon. Every kinder and childcare centre in Australia has a sandpit, and there are many reasons why. They offer so much for young developing children. They can build a sandcastle, or pretend to cook with some pots and pans. 

Sandpits are also a very good budget-friendly option to have at home.

You can read more in-depth information about the benefits of sand play here.

We have extra-large kids sandpits and rectangle kids sandpits which hold quite a few kids at one time.

We also have covered sandpits which are great for keeping.

Kids sandpits with canopies are also a popular choice as they keep the sun out while the kids are playing 

Want to learn how important and also how to keep sandpit sand clean and hygienic? Read more here.