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Shop our range of kids sandpits, we have sandpits with cover australia, baby sandpits, wooden sandpits, small sandpits, sandpits with covers, extra large sandpits and sandpits with shade. We have many to suit your size, price and needs. 

Are you seeking new ways to keep your kids happy but learning and growing? Consider buying a kid's sandpit!

Depending on your home and budget, a children's sandpit can be an affordable investment and serve as a great learning tool for your child while keeping them active outside.

Let your imagination run free and wild as you read on to learn more about the benefits of kids' sandpits and how to choose the right one. 

What is a Kid's Sandpit?

A kid's sandpit is a type of outdoor playground equipment. It is typically a low-level and wide container with beach-soft sand inside. The depth is shallow, and it is primarily used for infants, toddlers, and younger kids to play in. Those who usually buy and install a children's sandpit are families with a backyard.

Benefits of a Sandpit and Why It Helps Your Child’s Development

A sandy playground can be a vital entertainment resource for most children because it can enhance their overall childhood experiences. Specifically, it can serve as a way to stimulate their creativity, free their imagination, all the while helping them to interact with nature.

A study has shown that sand play has a positive effect on a child’s personal development. Moreover, playing in a sandpit will promote the following areas of your child’s personal development:


Your child may likely develop better hand-eye coordination over time because they can use their body, such as feet or hands, and other toys to manipulate the sand. With their ability to craft any kind of artwork in the sand, they learn structuring and organizational skills. 


A kid's sandpit can be useful for multiple kids in one playpen; imagine where their minds take them! It becomes an endless world of possibilities and exploration for the group.

It is especially so if you have trouble socializing your child because a sandpit can be a good excuse to interact with other youths. Additionally, the playing process will involve role-switching, which leads to your child’s development of communication and relationship-building skills. 


Historically, sand play has been a traditional form of entertainment and artful expression for all ages. Since the beginning of humanity, sand has been a natural medium for people to express their creativity, such as using sand to draw, write, and sculpt.

Simultaneously, sand can be hardened and quickly softened. This flexibility with the material allows for more creative use. Who knows, your child may turn out to be both a great leader and an artist. 

How to Choose a Kid's Sandpit

When you are shopping for a children's sandpit, there are several essential features to consider before buying.


A kid's sandpit is usually rectangularly shaped, but it can come in other basic shapes, such as a square, circle, and octagon. 
You can also get them in different varieties:
- sand pits with covers
- sandpits with lids
- wooden sandpits
- plastic sandpits

For example, among our selection of sandpits, we offer even a humorous boat-shaped sandpit. You can help drive and steer your child’s imagination with our ‘Captain’ boat-shaped model that comes with a shade cover and steering-wheel built-in. 


When shopping for a children's sandpit, size matters as well. You should consider how many kids will usually play in it and the height and age of each child.

Our sandpits come in various sizes, with one of our most affordable ones running around 120cm x 39cm x 9cm. Also, one of our most premium sandpits can measure 171cm x 43cm x 22cm. If you usually have large family gatherings, you can consider one of our largest sandpits that measure up to 206cm in diameter. 


Consider the setting of where you want to build or install your kid’s sandpit. It should be in a spacious area outside, and where you can easily supervise from a distance. In other words, it is not ideal to have a sandpit placed behind bushes or a fence.

Moreover, setting up the sandpit environment to include decorative boulders, small rock or plants, would stimulate your child's senses and imagination of the real world even more. For example, you may wish to surround them with shovel and bucket toys to capture the excitement of the beach while playing in one of our cabana-styled sandpits.

Additionally, we recommend regularly cleaning the sandy playpen to remove any accrued animal feces, soil, shards, and rocks. Plus, you should firmly plant any decorative structures into the ground so they do not tilt or fall over into the sandpit.  

Some children's sandpits come with a canopy, which mainly helps to shade and protect against the damages of UV-rays. The sand itself is also kept cool or from being too hot to play with. Among our versatile collection of kids' sandpits, we offer many with a canopy, some of which are adjustable by height, but all of them are easy to assemble.

Furthermore, you should consider a sandpit with a cover or tarp to protect the play area when the kids are not using it. The cover sheet is UV resistant, waterproof, and vermin-proof. Additionally, you can have an internal groundsheet with your new sandpit to stop weeds from growing into the sand area while allowing water drainage.

For optimal protection, you may also consider lids that are hard wooden covers like our Playfort sandpit with a canopy. This slides over the play area and completely seals it to keep it clean. 


Most sandpits are natural wood. Premium timber is ideal for a children's sandpit because it is treated by drying at high temperatures, which offers long-term protection against rot, fungal decay, and insect bites. Plus, to ensure the highest safety standards, the timber should have rounded corners to prevent any sharp edges from harming your little ones. 

Our Takeaway

A kid's sandpit is more often beneficial than not for the whole family. It’s one of the most effective playground equipment to stimulate your child’s early senses and nurture their personal development.

Our sandy play areas are affordable for small to large families. Even more, the assembly has never been easier with a provided picture manual and warranty lasting up to 12 months against any potential wood rot and insect damage.

Enjoy those days in the sun with your kids as you watch them become engulfed in their own little world of a sandpit.