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Kids Table and Chairs

Little Spaces: Kids Tables and Chairs 

Our Kids' Tables and Chairs are designed to provide a practical space that will be well used and loved.

Unlike adult furniture, which can lead to poor posture in children, our kids tables and chairs are made to be fun and ergonomically supportive for growing bodies.

These kids table and chairs are the perfect height so that they can sit and draw, eat or do their arts and crafts safely.

Shop our extensive range of kids tables and chairs

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Kids Tables and Chairs

At our store, we specialise in creating the perfect environment for kids with our extensive range of children's table and chair sets, thoughtfully designed to meet the unique needs of little ones. Unlike adult furniture, which can lead to poor posture in children, our furniture is made to be both fun and ergonomically supportive for growing bodies. Despite their smaller size, our pieces are big on design. Each set is simple, durable, and easy to clean and maintain. Our kids tables and chairs are a wonderful addition to any loungeroom, rumpus, bedroom, or cubby house. Shop with us for the best in kids tables and chairs.

Why are our kids table and chairs the best?

Our range has been tested to meet or exceed the demands of your child’s requirements, making them perfect for any sit down activity, whether it be colouring in, eating, reading or playdough.

And what sets us apart? We have the largest range of kids tables and chairs, from wooden to colourful plastic. We have just chairs and just tables, and we have the sets of all sizes. Square or rectangle kids tables and chairs. Not only do we have the biggest range, we also offer 30 day Free Returns* 

The Benefits of Child-Sized Kids Tables and Chairs

At our store, we're dedicated to offering the best in kids' tables and chairs, designed to support their development and daily activities. Here’s why our child-sized kids tables and chairs is a must-have for any place a child spends a whole lot of time:
Ensures Safety: Appropriately sized furniture reduces the risk of injuries, such as bumping heads on tables or falling from chairs that are too big. It's the safest and most comfortable option for their developmental stage.
Independence: Child-sized kids tables and chairs allow kids to navigate their environment without constant adult assistance. With everything within their reach, they have more opportunities to explore and learn on their own.
Confidence: When children can move easily (and safely) within their surroundings, it boosts their confidence. They learn to interact with their environment independently, which creates more confidence which has a snow ball affect.
Encourages Creativity: Having their own space with furniture tailored just for them enhances cognitive learning activities, making arts and crafts more enjoyable and engaging.

Kids Table and Chairs: A Buying Guide

To ensure you choose the perfect children's furniture for your home, consider these factors:
Height: For optimal comfort and posture, a child's knees should bend at a 90-degree angle with their feet flat on the floor. A chair that's too tall or too low can cause discomfort and hinder proper posture development.
Shape: Think about where you plan to place the table and chairs. A large round table is great as a room's focal point, while a square or rectangular table is better suited for corners or against walls. How many kids will be using the table, do you need a 4 or 6 seat table and chair set.
Location: If you plan to use the furniture outdoors during warmer months, choose materials that are weather-resistant, such as plastic or treated wood. UV resistance is also a valuable feature to prevent fading. You also want something light that is easy to move around. 

Frequently asked questions on Kids Tables and Chairs

Yes, they should only take 30 - 60 minutes to assemble