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Climbing Pyramid

EXCLUSIVE: Free Kids Picnic Table and Chairs
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Climb, Swing, Slide…The Ultimate Adventure Playset for Kids!

Every garden needs a playground! Why travel when you can have a magical adventure in your own backyard? Our all-in-one playset is the ultimate outdoor activity center for children. Not only is there a camouflaged den for imaginative role-play, there’s also all the climbing tools your kids need for safe climbing tasks. They can use the large cargo net, ladder, or rock wall with colored hand and foot grips. Once they get to the top, they’ll discover two play decks for rest or lookout. Whether your kids prefer to glide down the wave slide or spend time ‘flying’ through the air on the swings, they’ll never be any moments of boredom with our enchanting wooden playset. 

🔺Get ready for an action-packed adventure at home. Your little soldiers will adore scaling new heights on the ultimate adventure playset. Scramble up the stairs, swing up the rope nettings, or use the rock wall – your soldiers' mission is to get to the top to spy on those in combat!

🔺Take cover in the camouflaged play den. This is the perfect place for your little soldiers to 'hide away' from the enemies at large.

🔺Need to get to battle at once? Your soldiers can swoosh down the fun wave slide!

🔺Do your soldiers need a little rest from all that climbing and running? This adventure playset has two swing seats for swaying back and forth through the air!

🔺An outdoor adventure starts at home. No garden is complete without our ultimate playset for kids. It’s hours of excitement! Plus, your kids can even enjoy their lunch outdoors on the free picnic table and chairs!



The Plum Climbing Pyramid play centre features:

  • Two play decks for lots of fun.
  • A large cargo net
  • Ladder
  • A rock wall with coloured hand and foot grips
  • Camouflage fabric side panels with roll down windows creates a large play den area inside the pyramid.
  • Swing arm with two single swing seats for twice the fun!
  • A giant 8ft (2.18m) wave slide

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Approx Assembly Time: 2 Adults, 6 Hours Premium FSC certified timber is pressure treated for extra strength. All hardware supplied for installation including ground anchors for concreting into the ground Maximum User Weight: 50kg per swing seat

L370 x W390 x H210cm

12 Months warranty

*Plum playground equipment are made from whole tree trunks. Naturally occurring splits may appear in the poles, this is normal. In warm sunny weather the wood shrinks, in wet weather it expands. These physical changes cause the cracks. We design our round poles to be really thick so that even wood splits like the one shown on the left won't affect the overall strength of the pole. Always follow the maintenance guidelines included in the instructions for your Plum equipment.


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Hi Toni, we appreciate your review on Childrens Climbing Pyramid with Rock Climbing and Swings and Slide Play Centre Ground. Thanks, Aby