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Monkey Bars

Swing into Fun with Our Fun Range of Monkey Bars

Monkey bars are a classic playground staple that has been loved by children for years. These metal bars allow kids to climb, swing, and have fun.

Monkey bars are great for physical exercise, but they also help children develop their inner core and also coordination and balance skills.

Monkey bars offer a range of benefits for kids that are not only physically advantageous but also fun and engaging, and engaging kids is our number 1 priority.

Here are some benefits to highlight:

1. Physical Development: Monkey bars provide an excellent full-body workout for your kids, helping children develop strength, coordination, balance, and agility all while having fun. Climbing, swinging, and hanging engage various muscle groups, including arms, shoulders, core, and upper body strength.

2. Motor Skills: Maneuvering through monkey bars requires fine motor skills, as children grip, swing, and transition from one bar to another. This enhances their hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness.

3. Problem Solving and determination: Figuring out how to navigate through the bars challenges kids' problem-solving abilities. They need to plan their movements, make decisions on where to grab next and adjust their strategy if they encounter difficulties.

4. Confidence Boost: Successfully completing monkey bar challenges gives kids a sense of accomplishment, boosting their self-confidence and self-esteem. Overcoming physical obstacles translates to a sense of achievement in other aspects of life.

5. Active Play: Monkey bars offer a way for kids to engage in active play, which is essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This can help combat sedentary behaviors associated with excessive screen time.

6. Enjoyment: Perhaps most importantly, monkey bars are just plain fun! The challenge of swinging and climbing keeps kids entertained and motivated to stay active. The element of play helps them forget they are engaging in physical exercise.

Why buy your kids monkey bars? They provide hours of entertainment for children.

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Monkey Bars

Shop our range of freestanding monkey bars Australia, we have a large variety to suit your space and price requirements.
Every one of our monkey bar sets are made to Australian standards.
Our monkeybars are made out of different materials we have wooden monkey bars and metal monkey bars.

Is your child begging you to take them to the park to practice on the monkey bars? Believe it or not, this type of outdoor play area is one of the most popular kids gifts out there, and it’s one that your child (and you!) can enjoy for many years to come. The best part? Monkeybars have all kinds of benefits for kids. Let’s take a look at a few of them.  

Development of Fine Motor Skills by using Monkey Bars

Fine motor skills, or the ability to make movements with the small muscles in the hands and wrists, are critical in the lives of schoolchildren. These skills are involved in all kinds of everyday activities, such as writing, cutting, buttoning up a shirt, or holding a pencil or scissors.

Though doing puzzles, playing with play-dough, and drawing are more common ways to encourage the development of fine motor skills, monkey bars are also excellent for this purpose.
As your child grips the bars, they have to sustain their entire body weight with their hands. This type of activity develops the muscles in the hands that children need for everyday tasks.  

Development of Muscles and Strength

Successfully traversing the monkey bars takes a fair bit of strength, for which kids need core strength. For example, they have to keep their lugs tucked while swinging, which strengthens the core muscles. Swinging from bar to bar develops arm and back strength, too--specifically in the shoulders, biceps, and lats.

Monkeys bars are also excellent for children’s gross motor skills, or movements of the large muscles of the arms, legs, and torso. Plus, they encourage agility and hand-eye coordination and bolster blood circulation. 

Correct Posture and Balance

Hanging from the bars is excellent for the spine. This position elongates and helps strengthen the spine, and can help children have better posture in general.

Then there’s the swinging back and forth with their legs up, which requires a great deal of balance. Learning to find the correct body position for optimal balance helps kids develop more awareness of where their body is, allowing for better control over their movements.  

An Excellent Obesity-fighting Activity

Obesity is a rising concern worldwide, especially in Australia, where weight issues and obesity affect 25 percent of Australian children and teens. There are many contributing factors, such as poor sleep, increased consumption of processed foods, and too much screen time.

Unless parents address these problems early, overweight kids often find themselves headed straight down the path to an unhealthy adult life. Encouraging exercise and play in children is critical to combating weight gain, and a swing set with monkey bars is an ideal way to get kids moving. It offers the perfect marriage of playtime with movement.

Why? Because kids don’t realize that they’re exercising when they’re hanging off the monkey bars--they just see it as a place to explore, be creative, and have fun. The more fun that something is for a kid, the more they want to do it, which helps them stay active and burn fat all at once.  

Confidence Boosting

Confident children grow to be capable adults, and one way for kids to build this confidence is by facing their fears and conquering goals. For many kids, the monkey bars represent a significant challenge and therefore an excellent opportunity to develop the problem-solving skills needed to get across.

Knowing how to move your body is not obvious; kids have to learn how to swing, climb, and position their weight. Plus, they have to build the strength to get from one side to another and may only be able to go a rung or two at first. Practice, tenacity, and bravery are required, especially for small children intimidated by the height of the monkey bars.

Once your child is successful, they will feel a sense of accomplishment and know they have the ability to meet challenges in life--which, in turn, leads to confidence and positive thinking.  

Stress and Anxiety Relief

Though it may seem hard to believe, even young children have stress--just different stress than we adults do. Exercise is one of the best ways to relieve anxiety, and having monkey bars provides a full-time stress reliever right at home.

The focus required to get good at the monkey bars takes kids’ minds off other things and alleviates some of the tension they experience daily. It also allows them an outlet to release a bit of the abundant energy they have, helping them be calmer and more relaxed.  


Playgrounds are where kids go to socialise, and monkey bars provide an excellent setting to learn to interact with others.

Since only one child should be using them at a time, kids have to learn to take turns. Monkey bars encourage creativity, too, as lots of kids like to invent unique scenarios about why their feet can’t touch the floor--like that they’re crossing a lava field! Monkey bars can be the inspiration for new games and a way to play outside with others--all of which kids need.

Though playgrounds make it easier to meet new people, investing in a monkey bars set for your background also creates socializing opportunities. Having monkey bars at home will make your kids the envy of the neighborhood, and their friends will want to come over for hours of active fun! 


Most people only think of going across monkey bars, but the possibilities merely begin there. Kids can have competitions to see who can hang the longest or use them to work on their pull-ups and chin-ups. Kids monkey bars are also excellent for ab work, as you can work your core by hanging and lifting your knees up to your chest. Monkey bars for kids Australia provide an area in your backyard that can be used to just hang out and chat

Adults Can Play Too

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that wooden monkey bars australia are for everyone--no matter your age! Not only can adults partake in playtime with their kids, but you can also get some exercise and improve your upper body strength too. Just don’t underestimate the strength required--you may have forgotten how difficult the monkey bars are!