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Kids Kitchens

Kids Kitchens, Instil a Love of Learning 

From sous vide to preparation, let your kids fall in love with learning from a young age. 

Why are kids wooden kitchens so popular? It's not because it's just a cute toy, it is creating a love of learning something new from a young age, it is inspiring what we all as parents want for our kids, to love learning. 

Our range of kids wooden kitchens allow just that. They are a replica of mini kitchens, they come in all shapes and sizes, with all different functions. Some are more interactive than others. The important part is getting one for your child, whether its a small one or one of our larger ones. Let the kids come up with a menu, take your order and cook up a storm. Their imagination can really take off with one of our kids wooden kitchens.

Shop our range below to get your kids loving learning now.

  • KidKraft Artisan Island Toddler Kitchen

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    Artisan Island Toddler Kitchen by KidKraft Introducing our KidKraft Artisan Island Toddler Kitchen – where imagination and creativity come to life!...

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    Original price $179.95 - Original price $179.95
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🍳 Let's Cook Up a World of Fun! 🍳

Chicken noodle soup? A pizza? Perhaps a steak with a side of broccoli? It will all be on the menu once you unveil your new kid’s kitchen! Expect your little chef to start cooking up a storm, an activity that brings with it countless developmental benefits.

To start, playing in the kitchen helps boost kids’ language and communication skills. They will learn plenty of new vocabulary and this offers an excellent opportunity to teach them about food groups and healthy eating. They’ll also learn new verbs (stir, reheat, mix, etc.) and opposites (hot vs cold). 

kids kitchen

Whisk into a world where tiny hands create mighty meals and little imaginations grow as big as their culinary creations. Introducing our exclusive collection of children's play kitchens, where every color bursts with possibility and every gadget inspires a future Gordon Ramsay or Julia Child.

From Fantasy to Fork – The Learning Feast!
🥕Vocabulary Veggies: As your little sous chefs chop and chat, they'll sauté their speech with new words, seasoning conversations with terms from "al dente" to "zestful"!

🍎 Math Muffins: Count on our kitchens to add a dash of numeracy to playtime! Measuring cups and recipe ratios turn bakers into mathematicians.

🥧 Organization Omelets: Sorting spoons and tidying teacups, your mini Martha Stewarts will master the art of kitchen organization, all in a day's play.

🍪 Teamwork Tacos: Our kitchens are the perfect recipe for collaboration – kids will stir up social skills and garnish their cooperative gameplay with a pinch of patience and a sprinkle of sharing.

🍰 Problem-Solving Puddings: Missing a mock mushroom for that pretend pie? Our playsets are the secret ingredient for developing dynamic problem-solving skills, one imaginative scenario at a time.

🍕 Role-Play Roasts: Every role from head chef to eager eater is on the menu, as kids simmer in the stew of life skills, learning everything from culinary arts to table manners. Before You Set the Play Table…

💡 Think Size and Space: Like a perfectly proofed pastry, ensure your play kitchen fits just right. Consider the play area and the 'sous chefs' space to maneuver those pretend pots and pans.

💡 Accessories Are the Appetizers: To fully set the stage for a feast of fun, look for kitchens that come packed with playful accessories, from fluffy felt pancakes to clackety wooden utensils.

💡 Features That Fire Up Imagination: Select a kitchen that grows with your gourmet, complete with engaging elements like clickable knobs, spinning mixers, or even a chalkboard fridge door for those daily specials.

💡 Durability is the Main Dish: We know playtime can be a food fight – figuratively! Pick a kitchen that's as resilient as a cast-iron skillet, whether it's made of sustainable wood or tough, easy-to-clean plastics. Ready, Set, Play Gourmet! Dive into our collection and find more than just a play kitchen – discover a place where your child can bake their wildest dreams into reality. Get ready to watch them play, learn, and evolve with every pretend feast they prepare. Start your play culinary journey here, and remember, in the world of make-believe munchies and faux food, the only limit is the ceiling of the imagination! Bon Appetit, little chefs!

🌟 Payment Plans that Cater to Every Family! Take home the magic now and pay as you please with our flexible options.

🚚 Delicious Delivery Options Across Australia! Find the perfect gift for your mini master chef and get it delivered straight to your door, faster than you can say "Easy-Bake Oven!" Explore our smorgasbord of children's play kitchens right here, right now, and spark a lifetime love for cooking (and learning) today!

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Are you ready to find the play kitchen of your child’s dreams? Start scrolling to see our top picks, and bon appetit! 

Frequently asked questions on Kids Kitchens

Kids kitchens are generally suitable for children aged 2 and up. Always check the product description for each kids kitchen to see what age it is for.