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Maria L. - June 16, 2018

Puzzles And The Benefits for Kids 

From toddlers to adults, we all love puzzles because they exercise and challenge our minds.

Puzzles play an important part in the development of your child.
We have listed some of the benefits here for you.

Fine Motor Development

Fine motor skills are very very important. During the kinder and childcare years, teachers and carers spend a lot of time helping children practice drawing, playing puzzles picking up small objects.

Learning these skills at an early age can really help for when they start school.

Cognitive Skills

Cognitive skills are core skills your brain uses to think, read, learn, remember, reason, and pay attention.

Puzzles give kids the opportunity to Colour, letter and spatial awareness skills achieved while playing puzzles are super important, so again being able to teach these skills early on is imperative to a child's development.

Since all children are unique, puzzles may be a big part of how they learn their ABC's.

Hand-Eye Coordination

Puzzles are fabulous in making the connection between the eye and the hand. Kids (mostly) have more patience and will continue to try over and over again until they can find a solution.

Problem-Solving Skills

Even simple puzzles give kids the opportunities to set a goal to put the puzzle together.

They must use their imagination and creativity to try and develop strategies so they can reach their goal.
These are incredible skills for kids to start developing early in their childhoods.


Successfully completing a puzzle gives kids a huge sense of achievement. They will tell everyone around them how they accomplished the puzzle, it gives them a feeling of pride. It also teaches kids that if you concentrate and work hard, sometimes you will see success at the end.