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Maria L. - January 12, 2018

How To Clean Your Kids Sandpit

Sandpits are some of the most fun and soothing outdoor toys you could ever find. They’re so good even adults love to play with them.
The benefits of sandpits are obvious as there’s just something about building interesting objects out of sand that makes them very popular, especially when it’s sunny outside.

Because of this, if they’re not well maintained they can become a potential habitat for harmful bacteria that could cause serious health problems, especially to kids.

This is why it’s important to learn how to clean sandpit sand to avoid dealing with bacteria such as salmonella.

This bacteria is found in some pets’ fecal matter and can spread to humans who come into contact with it.

Since kids have a slightly weaker immune system, they become vulnerable to getting infected and even worse transferring the bacteria to other kids.
Learning how to clean sandpits is an important safety measure to reduce the presence of harmful bacteria.

At All Things For Kids, we pride ourselves in not only having the best collection of sandpits in Australia, but also providing the best tips to clean them and ensure that your kid's sandpits are as safe as possible. 

How To Clean Sandpit Sand

Method 1

Step 1.

Rake the sandpit. Once you have removed all the toys, use a garden rake to remove any debris in the sand. This also helps to aerate the sand and should be done at least once a month.

Step 2.

Pour in cinnamon. Bugs hate the smell of cinnamon. So to keep them away and also make your sandpit smell good, pour in a good amount of cinnamon and mix it properly with the sand.

Step 3.

Rinse with tap water diluted with a mild home detergent. This should be done especially if your sandpit does not get any natural cleaning from the rain.

Use tap water and add in a mild home detergent or disinfectant. Use a watering can to pour the disinfectant water into the sand and then leave it open to dry.

Method 2

Step 1.

Shovel the sand to one corner of the sandpit and leave the other side empty.

Step 2.

Collect the sand and make use of a colander to strain the sand into a bucket while removing any unwanted bits in the kids sandpits. (Dispose of any yucky bits so that they don't find their way back to the sandpit).

Put the clean sand back into the empty side of the sandpit. Take the dirty sand and repeat the process until all the sand has been cleaned.

Step 3.

Use a garden rake to spread out the sand and make sure to cover the sandpit when not in use. 

How To Maintain And Keep Sandpit Clean

Cover sandpit when not in use. Most sandpits come with covers, so make use of them. This will shield the sandpit from items such as dried leaves, insects or pets who may use them to poo.

Take the sandpit toys out of the sandpit each day. When toys are left in the sandpit, it keeps them out of the sun and rain, therefore will prolong the life of the sandpit toys.

Applying these few tips on how to clean a sandpit should keep you at ease knowing that your home is a safe and healthy environment for kids to play. You could also consider looking at the amazing varieties of sandpits at All Things For Kids that come ready built with a shade on top of them. This would make your work easier as you don’t need to cover them in the rainy season.