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Soft Hands Polydac Tug of War Rope - 7.5m

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Soft PolyDac 7.5m Tug of War Rope

What greater fun or team-building activity than a good ol’ fashioned tug o’ war! Perfect for a party, group or institutional event, this Tug O’ War rope is of ideal construction for years of use.

Made in the USA of blue 19mm PolyDac rope, with knots at both ends and center marked with 20cm orange webbing for clear visibility.

The PolyDacron material is superior than traditional natural manila ropes. It is stronger, won’t absorb water, mold, chlorine and UV resistant, and won’t give the user’s splinters.

The 19mm diameter polydacron rope is easier to grip, yet is about 30% stronger than a 25mm diameter manila rope and twice as strong as a 25mm diameter cotton rope.

The 7.5 length ropes is suitable for about 6 to 10 adults or children

Ages 5+