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Welcome to All Things For Kids

Thank you for visiting our site and supporting our small business. My name is Carla, and as a Mum to three fabulous and mostly well-behaved children, Alana, Georgia, and Benjamin, I understand the importance and value of offering engaging and educational toys to children of all ages.
So, in 2012, I opened All Things For Kids. As a family, we are proud to see our small digital storefront as All Imaginative Things... All Educational Things... All Fun Things... All Things For Kids.

Welcome to our world. Here at All Things For Kids, we are friends and family. We take every transaction with great pride and handle every question, concern, and even complaint ourselves. This means, when you email us, we respond quickly, and with the profound knowledge you’ve chosen our store over the many others out there in cyberspace, so we promise to treat you with the kindness and care we’d offer if you walked into our lives as friends.

Our long time loyal customers continue to come back because they trust us to curate safe and engaging imaginative play and educational products for their children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews, or even as celebratory gifts for great friends and their children. We appreciate their consistent loyalty and hope you feel that same trust while you browse our site and inventory. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

Welcome to All Things For Kids where imaginative play grows and children develop confidence, ingenuity, creativity, and so much more!