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Highton Kids Extra Large Teepee with Safety Feature

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Looking for the perfect kid's teepee tent?

Well lucky you... you have found it! Create the perfect space for quiet play, reading, or close the door and attach the velcro and you got yourself an indoor cubby house. 

- Peace of mind-  our unique safety features means that the teepee will not fall or collapse it sits between the 5 poles and 2 safety balls - other cheap ones, do not have the safety feature and they just constantly fall down, which makes it extremely unsafe and also very annoying to use.

- Our Highton Teepee is huge, like really big. You can fit 2- 4 kids depending on their size, we have one of the biggest out there.

- Pockets, we have pockets so you can store their books or a torch.

- Large windows for some peekin' fun. 

- 100% cotton with double stitching throughout teepee.

- Meets Australian and European safety standards and has been certified safe.

- The attached floor is completely connected to the teepee. 

- Velcro to keep the doors closed

Heavy, soft, durable, breathable, non-toxic, unpainted, extra safe cotton canvas with double stitched seams throughout

- Durable New Zealand pine 

What you get...

• 1 White Canvas with Floor Mat Sewed to the Tent
• 10 Wooden Poles with Pink or Grey Paint
• 5 Connectors
• 1  Safety String
• 1 Safety Balls Attachment for Extra Safety
• 1 Carry bag
• 1 Assembly Instruction Sheet
• 1 Packaging Box with Plastic Handle

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