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Berg Buzzy Nitro Kids Ride On Toys

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Need to buy a go-kart? Well the Berg Buzzy Nitro is a fantastic option! Read below to find out why!

The BERG Buzzy Nitro Kids Ride On Toys has a spectacular off-road design and is the ultimate Buzzy family member. Because of its 4 supercool EVA tyres, flat tyres are a thing of the past and the go-kart is super safe and stable. The go-kart can be driven forward and backward. It can be brought to a stop within a few seconds. The BERG Buzzy Nitro is suitable for children aged 2 to 5. The steering wheel and seat are easy to adjust.

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 This go-kart not only looks fantastic, it is ideal for helping younger children learn to pedal. First with their feet on the ground and, before you know it, they will have their little feet on the pedals and will be tearing around the house, down the garden or around the neighbourhood!

 Characteristics of the BERG Buzzy Nitro Kids Ride On Toys :

  • Adjustable steering wheel and saddle
  • Silent whisper tyres (EVA)
  • Pedal control at all times, even while steering
  • The 4 wheels keep you firmly grounded

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  • EVA
  • Adjustable steering wheel



Length - 50 cm
Width -  25 cm
Height - 46 cm
Weight - 9 kg