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7ft Junior Jumper Pink Trampoline

Shipping From $40

Plum’s 7ft Pink and Purple Junior Jumper trampoline and Enclosure will take little ones from their first bounce to touching the sky!

Specifically designed with little bouncers in mind, Plum’s Junior Jumper Trampoline uses patented Springsafe® technology and a lower height frame to keep children safe as their confidence grows and they learn to trampoline.

Suitable for children aged from three to ten years.

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Fun for years to come!

With a steel structure galvanised inside and out for long-lasting protection from rust, Plum's Junior Jumper Trampoline is built to last for years of play.Fun for years to come!

Pick your favourite colour

Colourful plastic moulds cover the steel legs, creating a structure that is stable and secure, as well as providing additional rust-free protection to the steel structure.

A bright and colourful trampoline that will soon become their favourite toy!

Choose from blue and green or pink and purple optionsPick your favourite colour

Lower height frame

The Junior Jumper sits at just 40cm above the ground, making it easy for beginner bouncers to climb on and off their trampoline.

The lower height frame will encourage little ones confidence to grow and grow until they are bouncing their way to the skies!Lower height frame

From junior to gymnast

Longer length springs take little jumpers from their first bounce to through to gymnastics practice. Each spring is coated with zinc to guard against rust.From junior to gymnast

Springsafe® Enclosure

With Springsafe® technology, little fingers and toes are completely protected from the springs and frame parts.

The thick safety padding is sewn to the jumping mat using a strong elastic webbing, giving no access to the mechanics of the trampoline.

The pads and jumping mat are weather protected against fading and degradation too.Springsafe Enclosure

    Snug and secure

    Plum's Junior Jumper Trampoline is fitted with a trampoline enclosure to keep little ones snug and secure as they practice bouncing.

    The hexagonal enclosure is held in place with a fibreglass top rim, giving a neat finish to prevent sagging.Snug and secure

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    Hi Karolyn, we appreciate your review on 7ft Junior Jumper Pink Trampoline. Thanks, Aby