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Vintage Tournament Edition Dartboard Set and Cabinet

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Vintage Dartboard Set with Cabinet

A pub staple worldwide, darts demands concentration, coordination, a steady hand, and no small amount of bravado.

Our handsome set encases a self-healing sisal fiberboard, feather-fletched darts and a chalkboard for keeping score, all within an iron-latched oak cabinet.

  • Dartboard features self-healing sisal fiber surface and iron section dividers and number ring
  • 6 steel-tipped vintage wood darts are fletched with genuine feathers
  • Cabinet crafted from solid wood with a natural finish
  • Metal-latched doors conceal the dartboard, dart racks and a chalkboard for scoring
  • Includes chalk and eraser for scorin. 
  • Light shown in image is not included.

Dimensions - Cabinet: 50cm sq when folded x 12cmD.  Board Diameter: 45cm