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Vespa Electric Motorbike By Peg Perego

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Peg Perego, you can tell it is worth more. Works just like a real motorbike!

Just like the real Vespa. The Peg Perego Electric Motorbike has a blasting horn and a dashboard that is the faithful reproduction of the real Granturismo Vespa. It’s easy to drive and such great fun. Accelerate by rotating the right grip and brake by releasing it. The rubber handgrips ensure a stable and secure grip. Completed with 2 must-have accessories: helmet (optional) and spacious removable object transporter.

Great features to show off.

The super complete and super accessorised Peg Perego Vespa Electric Motorbike will guarantee endless fun. The rear-view mirrors have a chrome effect. Located on the handle grips they can be adjusted for the best position. The large headlight reflects the light and looks like it really is on. A glove compartment is located under the handlebar.

An extremely comfortable and attractive bike.

Many details that add up to complete comfort such as the large and cosy seat, the rear object holder that also functions as a back rest that can be removed to leave space for a strong baggage rack. A large footrest accommodates any driving style. The look of the stabiliser wheels fits perfectly with the design. They are perfect for small children who are still a little unsteady and can be removed when the child has acquired the necessary balance. The rubber tyres offer the utmost adherence and the large mudguards protect from spray. The iron kickstand is very strong and durable. The headlights are all reflective.

Made-in-Peg Perego quality and safety.

The quality of Peg Perego products is reflected in the details that guarantee safety. Vespa Electric Motorbike features a sealed base to protect the driver from electric wires and tampering and to protect the vehicle from water, mud and sand. The 12V/4.5Ah battery is located in the unit under the seat and is protected by a child proof battery lock. The battery can be recharged using a household electrical socket, either whilst it is in the vehicle or after removal. Comes equipped with battery charger and battery.

Technical specifications:

  • Years 3+
  • 1 forward gear
  • 12-volt rechargeable battery
  • Battery charger included in the package
  • throttle
  • Horn
  • Stabilising wheels
  • Wheels with rubber treads
  • Kickstand

Approved helmet and case sold separately