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Super Truck Overdrive Self Aware Robot Anki By Mac Gear

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Super Truck Overdrive Self Aware Robot Anki By Mac Gear

  • Add-on Supertruck to Anki OVERDRIVE Starter Kit
  • Oversized with a smooth exterior, this truck is packing a world of hurt
  • Supertrucks use their size, weapons and control system to dominate the tracks
  • Supertrucks come with an exclusive game, new commanders and a new battle mode
  • Challenge friends or artificially intelligent (AI) opponents that learn and adapt as you play
  • An Anki OVERDRIVE Starter Kit and a compatible mobile device are required to play
  • Compatible with iOS or Android devices


Each Supertruck is a self-aware robot, driven by powerful artificial intelligence (A.I.) and equipped with deadly strategy.

Don't let Freewheel's smooth exterior fool you; he's packing a world of hurt. It's big, powerful, unpredictable and comes with big tricks up his sleeve. Get too close and you'll be torn apart by his Gravity Trap.

Supertruck Freewheel is loaded with cutting-edge features, including an optical sensor, a dedicated 50MHz CPU, and two high performance motors, for precision manoeuvring with 1 mm accuracy.

Freewheel's exclusive features:

  • Takeover - challenge friends or AI Commanders in this Supertruck exclusive game mode where the opponent who can break through a super trucks defences can take over control of the vehicle to wreak havoc until another player disables them and takes over
  • Commanders - challenge exclusive commanders from the Badlands, home to misfits, outlaws, and outcasts, in Open Play
  • Rage Mode - race at top speed to gradually fill the Supertruck's Rage Meter. Once completely full the Supertruck will accelerate beyond its normal top speed and constantly fires its special weapon until the Rage Meter is depleted

The Supertrucks aren't just trucks - they're robots programmed for battle. Whatever track you build, the trucks will learn it. Wherever you drive, they'll hunt you down. The better you play, the better they become. Continuous software updates ensure the gameplay always stays fresh. This is t ech so advanced, it feels like the future!