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Roli Touch Block For Lightpad Block M and Seaboard Block

Shipping From $16

Roli Touch Block For Lightpad Block M and Seaboard Block

The ROLI Touch Block is the companion that helps you adjust the expressive behaviour of your Seaboard Block and Lightpad Block M. Take full control over the five dimensions of touch and change the way each instrument responds to touch.


  • Companion Block to ROLI's Lightpad Block M and Seaboard Block
  • Expression Control
  • Adjust Lightpad or Seaboard Block's responsiveness to pressure
  • Adjust Blocks' responsiveness to sideways movements
  • Adjust Blocks' responsiveness to up-and-down movements
  • Adjust Blocks' responsiveness to liftoff
  • Connects with a click to Lightpad Block and Seaboard Block
  • Also works wirelessly, even when it's not physically connected
  • Compatible with iOS 9.0 or above, limited support with Google Pixel


Turn up or turn down the responsiveness of the surface to the Strike, Glide, Slide, Press, and Lift dimensions of touch. Maximise the depth of expression available through pressure, or minimise the pitch-bend effect of sideways movements.

Customise control of any sound in real time and on the fly with the 8 functions on the Touch Block:

  1. Strike - Adjusts the sensitivity to the velocity with which initial contact is made
  2. Glide - Adjusts the sensitivity to lateral finger movements.
  3. Slide - Adjusts the sensitivity to up-down finger movements, allowing to dictate whether using the whole key for modulating a sound parameter, or just a slight finger movement
  4. Press - Adjusts the sensitivity to the pressure with which a note is held
  5. Lift - Adjusts the sensitivity to the rate at which fingers are removed from the surface
  6. StrikeLock - Fixes the strike (velocity) dimension to a specific value, which is adjustable using the +/- buttons
  7. GlideLock - this “Portamento Mode” automatically glides the pitch between one note and the next note played, at a rate adjusted by the +/- buttons
  8. Piano Mode - Removes all touch response except for strike (velocity) to resemble the same response of a traditional piano

Touch Block is a companion Block that only works when connected to ROLI's Lightpad Block or Seaboard Block.

ROLI's revolutionary music-making devices are the future of music creation. BLOCKS is a modular system that lets anyone learn and play music on powerful devices that snap together. The award-winning Seaboard instruments are radical evolution of the piano keyboard that help musicians - including renowned artists like Stevie Wonder and Meghan Trainor - be more expressive. Professionals and people who have never played an instrument are touching sound in new ways through ROLI's ecosystem of Connected Music products.


  • Connectivity / Ports: Bluetooth LE, 6 BLOCKS DNA connectors
  • Power Source: Charges via connection to the Lightpad, Lightpad M and Seaboard Block
  • Dims: W 95 mm x H 20 mm x D 48 mm
  • Weight: 105 gr