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Tumbling Blocks

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Premium Plastic Tumbling Blocks 

You have tried our Tower Blocks, you have seen Jenga™, now check out these tremendously popular Premium Plastic Tumbling Blocks! 

This set of 54 hollow polyethylene plastic blocks has an equal number of red, white and blue blocks. Blocks are lighter, uniform in size and extremely durable; designed to stand the test of time, frequent use as well as the rigours of fun and learning. They are ideal for younger children. 

Because they are plastic they're washable! Each block is 7.5cm x 22.5cm x 4cm; together they will form a tower over 70cm high! The set includes a zippered storage bag with carry handle and instructions. 

Try games such as competition stacking (how quickly can you build your tower from a pile of blocks 5m away?) or see who can build the highest tower by taking blocks from within the stack.