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Premier Edition Retro Vintage Clue Set

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Welcome to Body Mansion, where Colonel Mustard awaits you in the lounge with a cordial, a lead pipe and a round of Clue®.

Inspired by the original 1949 game, our commemorative version features retro tokens, vintage accents and quaintly furnished rooms protected beneath glass – the textbook setting for snooping and sleuthing.


  • Retro edition inspired by the original 1949 game
  • Glass-covered playing surface
  • Sunken, 3-D rooms with miniature furniture and exacting detail
  • Wooden tokens with cast-metal bases
  • Solid wood cabinet with vintage hardware
  • Designed for play and display, the board does not fold for storage


  • Board Overall: 45cm square 9.5cm H Weight: 4kgs