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Group Loop 8m

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8m Group Loop 

A sturdy 2-1/2cm diameter heavy-duty, medical latex tube, encased within a colorful soft fabric cover, creating a stretchy 'border' that encourages group cooperation, interaction and creative movement. 

The band's dynamics act to alter the effects of gravity and challenge its users. The stretch in the band allows children and adults to stand within the Group Loop and push outward until they reach a state of stabilty. 

Individual movements affect the dynamics and stretch of the band, so the group learns to compensate and maintain support. The Group Loop 's objective is to provide movement lessons in a group environment. 

As your participants develop trust in one another and confidence in themselves, they are encouraged to take those small risks that, once accomplished, help build individual, physical and emotional confidence. 

An excellent tool for developing trust with groups ranging from: 

* 2 to 5 people (3m) 
* 6 to 12 people (5m) 
* 8 to 16 people (8m) 

Intended only for group movement, interaction and group exploration.