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Deluxe Kids Teepee & Tunnel Play Tent

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Deluxe Kids Teepee & Tunnel Play Tent

This deluxe play set is a perfect way for your kids to play indoors and out. Let their imaginations run wild with the combo dome tent & teepee tent. They can easily go from one to the other with the four fun connecting tunnels. With active, bright colors and kid-friendly nylon material, it’ll be a safe, wonderful getaway for your kids. Set it up in the backyard, or put it up in the playroom!

The dome tent is a cozy outdoor-style camping tent and the teepee tent is a cool little bivouac for your kids to camp, play, hang out and daydream. They’ve even got a house tent too!

And they can meet their friends in the middle with the round center tunnel connector. Help promote activity, energy & imagination in your children with this kids play tent. It’s a great retreat for kids, and with its deluxe size, it can hold so many kids & toys, you’ll practically have the entire neighborhood camping out.

With a play tent set-up like this, your kids will lose themselves in their daydreams & won’t want to come back to the real world!


  • Deluxe Tent and Teepee Tunnel Play Set

  • A Rainbow of Fun – Bright Active Colours

  • Promotes Active Fun, Fitness & Imagination

  • It’s a Snap – Easily Assembled

  • Great for Indoor or Outdoor Play Areas

  • Made with Kid-Friendly, Durable Nylon Material

  • Ideal for Children Ages 3 & Up







1 x Dome Tent
1 x Teepee Tent
1 x House Tent
1 x Tunnel Centre
4 x Connecting Tunnel

Round Centre Dimensions

92cm x 49cm approx.

Dome Tent Dimensions

120cm x 120cm x 75cm approx.

Teepee Tent Dimensions

100cm x 100cm x 145cm approx.

Tunnel Size

90cm x 45cm approx.

House Tent Dimensions 
(L x W x H)

95cm x 75cm x 105cm approx.

Package Dimensions (L x W x H)

50cm x 13cm x 50cm approx.

Package Weight

4.6kgs approx.