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Junior 6ft Trampoline - Blue by Plum

Shipping From $40

 Providing an ideal introduction to outdoor bouncing, the 6ft Junior Trampoline with Springsafe® technology has been specifically engineered for young children to be safe and secure as they build confidence and release their inner energy on the trampoline.

Providing peace of mind for parents and hours of jumping joy for little ones!

Junior Trampoline and Enclosure

Specifically designed for young children, Plum's range of Junior Trampolines with Springsafe® technology are a safe and secure way for little ones to start their jumping journey.6ft Blue Junior Trampoline and Enclosure

Lower Height Frame

With a frame height of just 36cm, little ones will easily be able to climb on and off their own trampoline. Taken a tumble? The frame height sits lower to the ground so there's not so far to fall, helping little ones confidence to grow and grow.6ft Blue Lower Height Frame

Shorter Length Springs

Smaller springs on the Junior Trampoline range give a safer, more predictable bounce, just enough for little ones to reach for the stars!6ft Blue Shorter Length Springs

Safe And Sound

All of Plum's Junior Trampolines are supplied with an enclosure net, which creates a barrier between bouncers and the floor to catch them if they fall.6ft Blue Safe And Sound

Zips and Clips

Zips and clips provide extra reassurance, for happy parents too!6ft Blue Zips and Clips

Weather Protected Safety Pads

The padded safety pad covers the springs and frame, helping to protect little fingers and toes from the frame and springs. The PVC pads have been weather protected for durability too.6ft Blue Weather Protected Safety Pads

Built to Last For Years To Come

Each trampoline is designed using strong and durable materials to prevent damage caused by the weather and to offer protection against rust.6ft Blue Built to Last For Years To Come

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