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4-in-1 Game Table- Air Hockey Pool Football Table Tennis

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4-in-1 Game Table- Air Hockey Pool Football Table Tennis


This 4-in-1 games table equals fun for the whole family! The main table unit houses each game easily and it comes complete with all the accessories you need for each game. Stack them on top of each other and separate them easily to reveal tables for playing foosball or table soccer, table tennis, air hockey, and pool!. Switch between games quickly and easily - this is the perfect entertainment unit to play with your family and friends.

Having all four games stored neatly in this wooden table unit means it won't clutter up your home and saves you on storage space! Simply stack away from the individual game boards and accessories on top of each other - no mess at all!

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  • Saves Storage Space

  • All Game Pieces and Accessories Included

  • Switch Between Games Quickly and Easily

  • Foosball, Table Tennis, Pool and Air Hockey


Product dimensions (LxWxH)
Base/Pool Table/Table Tennis / Table Hockey

81.5 cm x 43 cm x 43 cm

Table Soccer Dimensions (LxWxH)

81.5cm x 43cm x 52cm

Package Contents

1x Main Table Unit
1x Table Soccer Tabletop Unit
1x Table Tennis Tabletop Unit
1x Table Hockey Tabletop Unit
Assembly &Miscellaneous
Game Accessories

Packing dimension (LxWxH)

83.5cm x 45.3cm x 15.5cm



Age Guide