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12ft Space Zone V3 Trampoline

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12ft Space Zone V3 Trampoline by Plum


The Plum 12ft Space Zone Trampoline is a great way to encourage outdoor play and exercise and helps improve children’s physical development by increasing co-ordination, balance and strength.

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Meet our 12ft Space Zone V3 Trampoline

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What You Need To Know About 12ft Space Zone V3 Play Trampoline

Design is at the centre of everything we do at Plum Trampoline, but in addition to this we utilise high quality materials to ensure these products last for years. Plum stands by each trampoline; our safety focused designs have been tested to simulate over 1,000,000 bounces, far in excess of any safety standard or legislative requirement.

12ft Space Zone V3 Play Trampoline

Each little bouncer can have tons of fun as our design allows for extra jumping space, which means more cool tricks and super awesome jumps! Plum’s patented Springsafe® enclosure design connects to the inside of the jumping mat creating a Springsafe® barrier ensuring that little jumpers who do go off track land on the soft mesh netting rather than the springs or frame.

12ft Space Zone V3 Play Trampoline

We have carefully designed these to ensure that maximum padding and safety is provided to keep each bouncer pushing the limits, jumping higher, kicking further and twirling faster!The foam we use to cover our enclosure poles to protect little jumpers is great for absorbing any off track bouncers. To ensure it stays in great condition we use a high quality PVC fabric that will ensure the foam stays soft and won’t fade or disintegrate for years to come.

12ft Space Zone V3 Play Trampoline

The super soft enclosure net and small weave ensure that each jumper is extremely safe so they can jump all day long to their little heart’s desire! Plum uses one of the highest quality polyethylene fibres to ensure that your trampoline will last longer than generic versions and will last in Australian conditions. We understand that little bouncers need the safest net and that’s why we’ve designed ours with a small weave to prevent little fingers and toes getting caught.

12ft Space Zone V3 Play Trampoline

12ft Space Zone V3 Play Trampoline Technical Specifications

  • 70 Springs Galvanised Steel Frame inside and out


  • Diameter: 12ft
  • L366 x W366 x H269cm


  • Maximum User Weight: 125kg
  • Safety Pad Material: PVC

12 Month warranty: Frame

6 Month warranty: Non Frame Parts


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