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Picnic Tables

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Investing in a kid’s picnic table is a great idea for many reasons. For starters, they’re closer to the ground, so kids don’t have to climb up; this reduces the chance of falling. Kids will be more comfortable at a smaller table as they can sit by themselves, and this will also encourage independence.

Depending how big your yard is, you’ll want to keep space in mind, and a kid’s picnic table will obviously take up less space. Even better, it will most likely be less expensive than an adult picnic table. Also, setting up a table outside will allow them a change of scenery and the chance to enjoy the outdoors while eating or playing.

Sitting at a picnic table with their peers allows kids to hone their social skills. Whether your child is with his or her siblings or with friends that are visiting, sitting together to eat or play at the table will help them develop these important skills. 

How To Pick The Right Picnic Table

There are several factors to consider before buying a picnic table.  

Your children’s ages should play a major factor in your decision. Different tables are suitable for different ages. The right table for a 3-year-old will be different from the right table for a 10-year-old. Make sure you check the manufacturer’s recommendations before you buy and that you find something that can accommodate your kids as they grow.

Will it just be your kid playing at the table? Or will all of his cousins come over to play frequently? Do you usually have friends from the neighborhood playing at your house? Think about how many kids will be using the table when you decide how big of a table to buy.

This will depend primarily on the table materials and construction. Models that use benches usually have a maximum capacity of 100 to 150 pounds, so more kids can sit at picnic tables with benches.

There are certain materials you’ll want to avoid when picking out your table. This includes any made using Polystyrene, Polyethylene Terephthalate and Polyvinyl Chloride. Stick to classic materials like timber from fir, pine, cherry and redwood trees. In general, wooden tables do not pose health risks to kids. Moreover, you’ll want to buy a table that’s sturdy and built to last.

Will the picnic table be set in the shade or will it be in a very sunny portion of your yard? If it’s the latter, consider a table that comes with an umbrella so your kids are protected while they eat and play.

Would your kids be more comfortable sitting on benches or on individual seats? Are you looking for something bright and colorful or more traditional? Answer these questions before you make your final decision.

You’re now in a better position to pick the perfect kid’s picnic table for your backyard. Start scrolling to see your best options.