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Backyard playgrounds are popular in Australian backyards. Backyards are being installed quicker than you can say cheese! Outdoor playsets are highly beneficial for the kids.

According to one research featured in Deakin Publications, outdoor play is an essential part of a child's growth and healthy development. It may also be a way to improve kids with underlying behavioral issues.

Here Are The Top Benefits of Installing an Outdoor Playset in Backyard Playgrounds:

Outdoor playsets promote a unique activity all in one place. With a variety of obstacles, it helps the kids to get in touch with their sense of smell, touch, vision, and balance. It gives the kids a new experience every time.

Backyard Playground

Things to Consider Before Buying an Outdoor Playset:

  • Height of Play Equipment (suggested by Kidsafe NSW)
         0 to 3 - 1 meter
         3 to 5: 1.8 meters
         5 or more: 3 meters
  • Space available in the backyard: consider the open space around the outdoor playset
  • Safety Surfacing: what kind of safety surface is available
  • Preferred Material: wooden playset, metal playset or plastic playset
  • Financial Budget

Having an outdoor playset installed in your backyard is an asset to your family with years of investment for the kids and the whole family. It will give the parents a peace of mind of having their kids in arms-reach without having to deprive them of the play that they deserve.