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Maria L. - March 21, 2018

Wooden Toys And Why We Love Them

In an overly plastic and electronic world, there’s a sense of old-world nostalgia associated with beautifully made wooden toys.

How many plastic toys do we see handed down through generations as a family heirloom?

We’ve all heard about the dangers of possible harmful chemicals that plastic toys may, or may not contain.
We’re not going to place ourselves in the midst of that argument (no thank you!) We believe plastic and electronic toys have their place in the toy box; but we’re going to explore why wooden toys are so wonderful.

Encourage Creative Play

wooden toys

There’s nothing quite like the simplicity and beauty of a handmade wooden toy, and sometimes the less a toy ‘does’ the better it is for your child.

Wooden toys typically are not soaked in bright colour with flashy sounds and electronics.
They simplify the playing process long enough for your little one to foster their imagination and work on their fine motor skills, without the sensory overload.

Studies have shown children with delayed sensory or motor skill development, benefit from playing with plain wooden toys that don’t have distracting bells and whistles.
They can concentrate on what they’re doing.  

Timeless Classics That Grow With Your Child

wooden toys

Blocks are a classic go-to toy for good reason. The humble wooden block set grows with your child as they do.

Babies will learn to pick them up (and throw them down) and begin to recognise various shapes, weights and textures.

Soon you’ll hear the unmistakable crash of a block tower getting acquainted with your floor, and before long, spectacular buildings and magical worlds will start to form.

Kids are adept at coming up with different ways of playing with wooden toys as they develop.

Wooden Toys For Parents

wooden toys

You know that electronic toy your child has that makes fifty-six very loud and piercing noises? The one they seem to play with simply to annoy you?
Before you throw it in the bin while they’re sleeping, just put it away for a while and replace with some lovely quiet wooden toys they haven’t played with for a while.

We believe in rotating toys so there’s not too many for the kids to become overwhelmed by at any one time, and they won’t get as bored with their toys if they’re not available all the time.
In fact, it’s exciting for them to re-discover some toys they haven’t seen for a while (and exciting for you to be able to temporarily remove some).

Durable Outdoor Wooden Play Sets

In our harsh climate, it doesn’t take long for a plastic cricket bat or set of Quoits to fade or disintegrate.

If it’s likely your toys may live in the sun for a time, choose a quality lightweight wooden version that will last.

The weight of wooden golf sets and bats also allow children to understand resistance, and build up their muscle strength.

Eco Wooden Toys

wooden toys

Keep an eye out for eco wooden toys, which are usually handcrafted, and made from recycled products.

They’re very special and quite often, no two items are the same.

They’re made to last, your child will love them just as much as (if not more than) their flashy counterparts, and you’re doing your bit for the environment.

What could be better?