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5 Reasons Why Cubby Houses Are Good For Australian Kids

Cubby Houses in Australia are a long time family tradition.They are purchased for Christmas Presents, Birthday Presents. They are good for kids aged from 1 right up to the end of primary school.

Read 5 Reasons Why Cubby Houses Are Good For Australian Kids

1. Perfect Weather  
Australia has very good weather for outdoor play even in winter, we can rug up, put the gum boots on and play outside or inside the cubby and away from the rain, put a kids table and chairs in there and give them some arts and crafts!. Cubby Houses get the kids outside playing, using their imagination. 

 happy kids playing outside

2. Expands their emotional and nurturing skills

Kids naturally idolise their parents and want to copy them, they play Mum's and Dad's without any prompting from us. It can be lovely to see them copying us and showing their nurturing and emotional sides, and at the same time a bit awkward haha.

Cubby house with natural wood and a patio and verandah and a roof, has windows and a blackboard and a shop type window and a white picket fence

3. Creative and Imaginative Play

Wooden Cubby Houses give kids the opportunity to take their make believe play to the next level. Pop a little kids kitchen and a little kids table and chairs and let them play like it's their real house. Some parents have even added a car port... looks pretty awesome to protect those cool kids ride on cars shop our range here.


4. A Break From Technology:

Kids nowadays are constantly around technology. Giving them the option of being outside and having fun without technology is always a good idea in these days of ipads, ipods, iphones... and the rest :)

5. Gives Parents Time to Get Something Done! 

WARNING: THIS IS NOT A GUARANTEE - we just like to hope...

Let's be honest, every parent could do with an hour's break, whether it be to mop, clean up the breakfast dishes or sit down and have some peace with a cuppa!

Personally though, I have found once my kids get outside and play in their cubby house they are occupied for a good few hours, it has been the best investment for our backyard!

Written by Carla, owner @ All Things For Kids


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