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Maria L. - December 12, 2019

What To Do With All Of The Christmas Presents

The Christmas season definitely comes with feelings of excitement.

For many people, this is the only time they get to come together as a family including the extended family and friends to spend time together.

The excitement of gift-giving and receiving is almost palpable during this Christmas season.

It’s probably the latter that makes it even more exciting for most people.

With all the toys that kids, in particular, will be getting this season, how exactly will this affect your home organization and kids’ playtime?

How do you actually store things you didn’t plan storage for?

These are some of the questions we will attempt to answer and hopefully provide storage solutions that will rescue you all from the overwhelming feeling after the season is over.

Talking of overwhelming, a 38-year-old mum Stacey Rosewarne, did her Christmas shopping for 2019 last year on Boxing Day.

With the after Christmas sales deals she managed to get 100 gifts for each of her 3 children, even if they were on sale, that is a hell of a lot of toys!!!!

That’s 300 new toys in the house! Do you know any crazy stories about shoppers? Fortunately for her, she has an extra bedroom in her house where she stores them. But is this really the best storage solution? With the ideas in this article, she would make playtime throughout the year more interesting.

One mum on Youtube observed that when her kids had too many options for toys to play with, they actually played with none of them. They end up watching the tv or just playing with phones or tablets. It, therefore, makes more sense to organize your toys and put them away so that kids have something to look forward to. You could have a “secret cupboard” or storage area that is opened maybe once or twice a week or on special occasions. This could actually be used as an incentive for good behavior, that every time they do the right thing or make a good choice they get rewarded with access to the “secret cupboard” or “secret box”. 

How to Organize a Secret Cupboard for Christmas Presents

Your kids will probably be getting a variety of presents this Christmas season. On many shopping lists are imaginary toys, wooden toys, ride-on cars, puzzles, books, clothes and so much more. Here are a few tips to get organized and have less stress that comes with clutter and mess with the onslaught of gifts.

FIRST STEP: Make Room For New Toys, Gifts, and Clothes

Have a chat with the kids, and explain now that it’s nearly Christmas it’s a great idea to donate some of the toys they no longer use; you can donate to a local charity or even sell them on Facebook, Gumtree or even eBay.

It is a good idea to give them a number of toys they need to remove. Give them a day or two to think about which toys they wish to donate.

SECOND STEP: Opening The Presents

Be clear with your kids and tell them on Christmas day that they can open everything and play with it.

Unless its:

  • Arts and crafts
  • Puzzles
  • Play dough
  • Anything that cannot go back to its original condition.

Instead of getting the pink and blue babyish looking kind of boxes, get these high-quality storage boxes that rhyme with the design theme of any home.

Separate the toys according to what they are.

For instance, divide the presents with wooden toys in one bin and the play dough in another.

This will make your life so much easier and the kids will be more excited to play as they’re not overwhelmed by a bunch of toys all at once.

THIRD STEP: Create Your Special Cupboard Or Secret Box

Find a cupboard or a shelf in a cupboard that is free (or make some room) or you can purchase a storage or toy box.

We have storage boxes and plastic storage bins which are a great alternative. Put everything in there as soon as possible.

FOURTH STEP: Now The Fun Begins, Secret Cupboard or Box is Born

The reason this is called “secret” is that it is not accessible to the kids 24/7.

But they know where it is and they know what is in it. We recommend letting them open something or use something on a rainy or cold day. Maybe a weekend, school holidays are also a great time to let them access the “secret cupboard”

However, we also recommend using it as a reward and also as an incentive for good behavior or good decision making.


ith these few tips, you’re well on your way to starting the new year organized. So many positives, the kids will get a lot longer out of their gifts and you might find tidying/cleaning easier too.

From all of us at All Things For Kids, we wish you the best Christmas season and a very safe and happy New Year!