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Carla S - Jan 05 2021

What Is a Balance Bike?

Do you remember your first time riding a bike? Learning how to ride a bike is a memorable milestone for every child. It takes practice to develop the balance and coordination needed to balance on two wheels and effortlessly pedal away.

Many children start with training wheels or stabilizers attached to the bike before graduating to two wheels. But balance bikes are rising in popularity as a more effective way of teaching children how to coordinate themselves on a bicycle.  

What Is a Balance Bike?

Simply put, a balance bike is a bike without pedals. It has two wheels (no stabilizers) and is short enough for kids to push around using their feet. The lack of pedals and the kids’ ability to use their feet help them learn how to balance and position themselves on a bike before using pedals. It’s the perfect bike for first-time riders who need to develop coordination. 

How to Balance on a Bike

The most significant advantage of starting with a balance bike is learning how to balance before moving on to a real bicycle. Balance is one of the most important aspects of riding a bike, so it’s important to learn right off the bat. To become an expert at balancing, help your child practice the following while riding a balance bike:

  • Look where you want to go.  
  • Keep your eyes up; never look down.
  • Keep your weight in the center of the bike.

How a Balance Bike Teaches Your Child How to Balance on a Bike

Focusing on the above aspects while learning on a balance bike will help your child safely transition to pedals. Balance bikes come in several sizes for varying heights. They should be high enough that the child can lift their feet but low enough to touch the ground. This gives children the ability to “walk” or “glide,” both essential to learning balance.

Walking the balance bike involves sitting on it and pushing with both feet as if the child is walking. This helps the child get used to sitting on the bike and feel where their weight should be.

As children become more comfortable pushing around on the balance bike, they can begin “gliding.” The child moves with their feet until they’re maintaining a higher speed. When comfortable, they can lift both feet and glide down the street while balancing. Once they’re an expert glider, they can quickly graduate to using pedals.  

How Old for a Balance Bike?

Children between the ages of 18 months and five years can use balance bikes. They are at the right size and developmental age to use the bike effectively. If your child is older than 5, they’re probably too big to use a balance bike.  

Where to Buy Balance Bikes

Balance bikes are for sale at stores across the world. When looking for the right balance bike to begin your child’s milestone journey, consider the following:

  • Color: You want your child to enjoy riding their balance bike, and getting one in their favorite color will only enhance their experience!
  • Weight: A balance bike should be heavy enough to keep the child upright but light enough that the child can handle moving it and picking it up independently.
  • Cost: Balance bikes can cost a lot upfront, but there are various affordable options. 
  • Size: Balance bikes come in a size that should fit children between ages 2 and 5.  
  • Material: You don’t want a heavy metal bike that will rust quickly. Balance bikes should be made of a lightweight material that only enhances the balance bike experience. 

At All Things For Kids, we have numerous balance bikes available for ages 18 months through 5 years that are safe and reliable. Our balance bikes are made of lightweight aluminum alloy and weigh only 2.3 kilograms (one of the lightest on the market!). The EVA wheels are sturdy and will not pop, forcing you to replace wheels on a training bicycle.

The Kids Explore balance bike comes in four colors:  

  •  Storm Black 
  • Rose Pink
  • Racing Red
  • Sky Blue

The bikes are fully adjustable with a height range of 38 to 45 centimeters, and tools are included for easy assembly. Each bike includes a bell  with purchase for the best and safest riding experience possible.  

Benefits of a Balance Bike

More parents are using balance bikes to teach their children how to ride a bike and finding that they can learn how to use a real bike faster and easier. Even bicycle experts are recommending balance bikes over training wheels, and there are many reasons why. Here are a few benefits of a balance bike: 

  • They have a minimal risk of falling. Since kids use their feet to push, they only focus on balancing their bodies on the bike, making them exponentially safer than training wheels. 
  • They’re great at strengthening coordination. As kids learn to watch where they’re going while striding at the same time, they’ll build hand-body coordination as well as muscle.
  • They’re a fun form of exercise. Kids love riding on balance bikes! It’s a great way to encourage them to exercise and keep moving. 
  • The transition to regular bikes is much more comfortable and safer. The transition to traditional bikes is a lot smoother than from training wheels. 


Balance bikes are an effective way to begin teaching a child how to ride a bike. Balance is one of the most important factors of learning to ride. Balance bikes are made to teach kids how to balance by using their feet to push and glide while riding.

Balance bikes are safer than bikes with training wheels and help kids transition faster to regular bikes. Recommended for kids ages 18 months to 5 years old, balance bikes will get your child started early.

All Things For Kids has a variety of balance bikes available in four colors. They’re made of lightweight material and are easy for kids to use. Plus, each balance bike purchase includes a bell. Find your child’s balance bike today!