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Maria L. - April 16, 2018

Top 7 Best Gift Ideas for 2 Year Olds

Top 7 Best Gift Ideas for 2 Year Olds

Imaginary Play

2 year olds aren’t always the easiest little people to buy gifts for, they aren’t always the easiest to deal with either so imaginary play is a great way to get them engaging with something besides the dog's water bowl or the power points...or both! 

1. Kids kitchens and workshops

kids kitchen

One of the best gifts for 2-year-old boys and girls has to be a complete supermarket or workshop set up depending on your child’s preference, you know the ones with pieces that are too big for little ones to choke on but small enough to find in the weirdest of hiding spots, like the dogs water bowl that your little one has made their way back to.
Imaginary play gives your child the opportunity to experience the adult world and hopefully decide early enough that being an adult is not all fun and games and stay little forever.

2. Tepees and tents


Another great birthday gift idea for a toddler is a tepee or tent, by 2 they are walking and talking words that only a parent can understand and love playing games, engaging in a good game of hide and seek can be greatly beneficial for both you and your toddler.
Hide and seek helps develop a child’s social Skills such as learning patience (ha!) taking turns, (double ha!) engaging with others as well as finding things, parents love to Hide away just to get a few minutes to themselves.
Win win!

3. Ride on vehicles

kids ride

Every little kid loves to mimic the adults around them, that is an important way for toddlers to gage the world around them so sitting on their own ride on vehicle is like a right of passage for toddlers.
Whether it be an electric ride on mini quad, a Bulldozer, a police bike, a BMW or if they want the same as mummy’s first car, A beat up old red ford laser with furry brown interior, this is one present for toddlers that they will be sure to love pretending to be just like mummy and daddy.

4. Play Centres

play centres

2 year olds love the outdoors and would happily drag you to the park every day if they were strong enough or had any sense of direction whatsoever, but it’s not always so much fun for us adults because taking a toddler anywhere takes hours of strategic planning and packing and can be exhausting so consider bringing the park to your back yard.

Play centres, they are easy to set up, fun, interactive and can keep your toddler happy for hours every day, it’s the perfect present for a 2 year old.

By 2 years old, your toddler will Most likely be a tad more independent and able to climb a small Slide by themselves or with limited help From you, freedom!
A play centre can also include swings, rock climbing walls, monkey bars and even a cubby house and sand pits.

All of these activities right in your back yard for years of entertainment for your toddler right up til they are too cool to play with it any more MUM!

5. Sandpits

If a play centre is not your cup of tea, another great present for a 2 year old is a sandpit, sandpits are the holy grail of gifts for toddlers and I know this because I have 4 kids and at 2 years old, all the cool kids hung out in the pit!
Sandpits come in all different shapes and sizes and there are different options that you can choose from like Sandpits with covers to make sure no little nasties make their way into the sand at nights and canopies to protect your toddler from the harsh Aussie sun.

6. Trampolines

Buying Presents that grow with your toddler from Ages 2-5 and beyond that are durable and will last the distance is going to be the lightest on your pocket in the long run, investing in good quality products is easy if you know what you are looking for and an old Aussie fave is no other than the trampoline.
As with the sandpits, trampolines come in different shapes and sizes and have different options to choose from.

Jumping will give your toddlers plenty of exercise and hours of fun but will Give mum and dad heart palpitations with every springy near miss, a netted trampoline is the perfect option to ensure both your toddlers safety and you an extra 10 Years of life!

Sizes ranging from mini 4.5ft up to 14ft with different colours and extra options, there is one to suit every child, every budget and every sized backyard.

7. Dress ups

kids costume

If you are looking to buy a smaller and little cheaper gift for toddlers, than there is nothing a 2-year-old loves more than to strip Off and pull every single item of clothing They own out and get changed multiple times a day, to avoid that I always made sure my toddlers dress-up box was full!

Dressing up is not just about imaginary play, it helps develop your toddlers hand-eye coordination, independence and fine motor skills, who knew something so frustrating for us parents could be so beneficial for Our kids?!

Whether they are pretending to be a pirate sipping juice from ye old sippy cup, a prince of princess kissing frogs, a clown just clowning around or a superhero who needs many, many, MANY snacks because they’re out just casually saving the day, there is something magical about watching your child’s imagination run wild.

No matter your soon to be 2-year-old likes, dislikes and personality, there really is something for everyone here at