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Maria L. - May 1, 2018

The Top 10 Best Presents For A One-Year-Old

A simple guide to Buying the best presents for a 1 year old is by following the KISS method, Keep It Simple Sweetheart!

What could be simpler than being able to visit a one stop ‘best gifts for a 1 year old’ shop.

And here you are, you have found it!

Realistically, 1-year-olds have the attention span of a goldfish so toys tend to get used once or twice and then discarded to the toy box with Woody and barbie, never again to see the light of day.

So we are making it simple for you and have created a list of the best toys for a 1-year-old money can buy! Toys that will both last and entertain even the little ones for more than 3 seconds.

1.Musical Instrument

kids piano

The parents though? Maybe not so much, but earplugs are cheap. Another good option is to buy them as a first birthday present for someone else’s child....

The benefits of playing with interactive toys like instruments are extensive, music play encourages creativity and problem solving skills as well and hand eye coordination.

This set will keep yours or better yet, someone else’s kids noisy but busy for hours!

2. Sandpit


Another fail safe option is a sandpit.

If you don’t mind getting sand in some hard to reach places, a sandpit is a perfect option for a toddler who loves the outdoors.

Our square sandpit is big enough for up to 3 little humans to play in so organise a play date, give them a bucket and spade each and watch them entertain themselves for hours. Also, if they are anything like my toddler you will watch them eat the sand as well.

If sun safety is a concern, we have a great range of sandpits with canopies. You can find them here.

3. Swing Sets

swing set

Most kids love the idea of flying through the air so it makes sense that kids fight over the swings at the park, now they won’t need to stake their claim with foot stomps and screaming at the park if they already have one at home..

The growing wooden swing set is the pinnacle of 1st birthday presents, not only is it safe for a 1 year old to glide through the air on, it also grows as they grow, right up to 12 years old!

It really is the gift that keeps on giving!

4. Activity Centres

activity centres

When choosing a first birthday gift you really can’t go wrong with an activity centre with multiple play stations to develop fine motor skills and gross motor skills through play.

That brings us to the swing and slide basketball activity centre. The play centre will have your superstar shooting hoops like Jordan!

They can swing, climb and slide until their little hearts are content and their eyes are heavy.

Did somebody say nap time?

5. Number Blocks

number blocks

Educational toys for 1-year-olds are often a top priority for parents, we want our little ones to love learning and toys that teach are in high demand.

It is never to early to read to a child to teach them numbers and letters and books are one of the best presents for a 1-year-old but let’s be honest if they can’t chew on it or throw it on the ground repeatedly then they’ll lose interest fairly quickly so wooden blocks are the way to go!

The gorgeous forest animal wooden block set has 120 pieces that will have your little one singing their ABC’s in no time. Plus they’ll be able to recognise the animals of the forest.

With 120 pieces to throw around they are bound to be playing for a good while, now is your chance to grab a coffee and actually drink it while it’s hot!

6. Wooden Clock

What’s the time Mr Wolf?

Just like reading and exploring letters, it is never too early and important for kids to learn their numbers and this gorgeous Tic tac wooden shape matching clock is perfect to learn on.

The clock is bright and colourful teaching toddlers numbers, colours and the time which as parents we know is no longer relevant. We have toddlers so we are always late now..

7. Bath Toys

bath toys

Avoiding bath time at witching hour is impossible sometimes so bath toys are an absolute MUST for the parents as much as they are for the kids and it helps if they are as adorable as they are fun!

Sea Animals Baby Bath Buddies are here to wash away those bath time worries, The Kids will love diving with dolphins and soaking you with squeezey toys.


8. Soft Toys

A cheeky monkey for your cheeky monkey.

Soft toys have always been and will always be a simple and thoughtful gift to buy a 1 year old girl or boy and our funky crocheted monkey doll will Withstand the test of time and toddlers.

Just don’t let the cheeky monkeys go jumping on the bed...

9. Rocking Horses

rocking horse

Rocking horses never go out of fashion, they have been rocking little boys and girls worlds for decades, getting better with each year.

You can choose from either a wooden rocking horse or plastic one like what we have here, either way, they are a real ride for 1 year old boys and girls alike.

Add in some horsey sounds and your toddler will be rocking it out in 2020!

10. Ride On Cars

We saved the best for last, the toy of all toys for 1-year-olds...

The absolutely exquisite ride on vintage cars built like the real thing so it will last for years to come and never go out of fashion.

These old school race cars come in different colours to suit your child personality PLUS a FREE personalised number plate to finish the look!

If classic and slow isn’t your child’s preferred pace and you have a little speed racer, then check out the Red Ferrari!

Because we all know red goes faster!