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Maria L. - November 17, 2018

The Best Toys For Winter 

Winter is here, it’s been raining for days, your kids are going stir crazy and you haven’t been able to finish a whole cup of tea for what seems like a month.

Never fear, just because your kids can’t go outside and play doesn’t mean there are no opportunities for fun, learning and a little peace and quiet for you too!

Indoor play tends to be more imaginative and is the perfect chance for your kids to develop their creativity.

Here are some ideas for activities to keep your kids engaged and happy on those grey days ahead.

1. Create A Box Just For Rainy Days 

Not only is this excellent planning ahead for the future, it will also take hours to put together in the first place!

Find your kids a large box that only comes out when it’s too wet to play outside, let them decorate it and then fill it with craft supplies, puzzles, balloons and decorations hanging around from their last birthday, colouring books and pencils.

Once the weather clears up, restock and put it away.

Your kids will look forward to the next time it rains just so they can get out the rainy day box again!

2. Let's Play Dress Up

Get out the costume box, crack out the face paint or the blue eye shadow you know is in the bottom of your makeup bag, and get your kids to put on a play or a talent show.

If they can’t come up with one on their own, get them to act out their favourite book or movie.

Get a group of their friends together and then invite all the parents to come and watch.

An hour-long recount of Frozen, complete with songs, is something that shouldn’t be endured, I mean appreciated, alone!

We have such an enormous range of costumes available, we are sure to have your child’s favourite princess or superhero. Click here to see our collection!

3. Build An Indoor Cubby

Cubby houses provide children with a space that is all their own, a safe space they can completely immerse themselves in their own world and imagination.

Side benefit: while you are actively encouraging your child’s growth from your spot on the lounge, you can finally finish that cup of tea!

Whether it’s a fort made of chairs, the kitchen table and blankets or one of our easy to assemble teepees, this is one of the best activities for a rainy day. Here are some of our teepees you can check out.

4. Tea Party Time

We’ve outlined the benefits of toy kitchens in a previous blog.
Benefits like nurturing their imagination, developing their fine motor skills, social and problem solving skills but we should also point out just how fantastic these are for days when they just can’t go outside.

Get your kids to put together a tea party and give yourself time to put together dinner!

5. Musical Concert

Did you know at All Things for Kids we have a wide range of very loud musical instruments, perfect for a rainy day?

Hmm, on second thoughts, maybe wait until the sun comes out or the grandparents are childminding to check out our xylophone and cymbal kit.