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Sand Play Benefits and Sandpit Toys Ideas

Sand Play Benefits and Sandpit Toys Ideas

Sand play benefits and sandpit toys ideas

Soon after man found beach, the sandpit was invented for the cave-kids.

Sand play is multi-beneficial to children for the development of their sensory and fine motor skills.

And it’s messy and fun, which of course is why they like it.

Sand is proving so powerful a beneficial tool, that sandplay therapy is even being applied to adults as a holistic approach to counselling.

While we think of the sandpit as a play spot more for smaller children, older children benefit from imaginary sand play also.

Do you notice when you go to the beach, it makes you very sleepy? Playing with sand can have the same effect. Playing with sand is so relaxing it calms you and can make you and your children sleepy. Win! Win! 

Sandpit play can also improve your children's sleep overnight.

We encourage sandpit play for all ages!  

One thing that is super important is to make sure that your sandpit is clean! Read our article on how to clean your kids sandpits here.


Sand play benefits for small children

Small children discover different textures, and start to form an idea about weight and filling or emptying things.

Sandpit play encourages concentration on a task and coordination.

They’ll enjoy learning how to use toys for a purpose (other than throwing them around) and developing their imagination.


Sand play benefits for older kids

Older children benefit greatly from pretend play, where they can act out some of the things they observe in the real world.

They can build roads, cook up a storm of pretend meals, and construct sandcastles among winding rivers and waterfalls.

They learn to formulate a plan of several tasks and complete them in order to achieve a desired outcome.

Sand writing and drawing is great for perfecting shapes, and practicing letter formulation.

Sandpit toys and sand play activities.

If your kids have become a bit bored of the sandpit, it may be time to change up the toys and develop some activities to spark their interest again.

Toss the boring old bucket and spade for a while, and try some different ideas.

  • Sand and water mud kitchen 

    Use old kitchen utensils, saucepans, muffin tins and funnels, and have your children cook up a fabulous sandy feast.


  • Sandpit treasure hunt 

    Hide some treasure in the sand and around the toys for the kids to find. You could also develop a treasure map.

  • Sandpit play themes

    Use theme-specific toys like farm animals and tractors for your child to build a sand farm; or dinosaurs to create a prehistoric scene.

  • Sand Art

    Make sand animals, funny family portraits and sculptures using a spray bottle of water and sand.



  • Sand gardens

    Collect sticks, rocks, leaves and flowers to build a beautiful sand garden.

  • Construct a scene

    Build an amazing sand city using various sized containers and tubs, lego people and toy cars. Or perhaps re-construct your own home.

  • Coloured sand

    Use various food dyes to make coloured sand and fill old jars and glasses with rainbow creations.

It seems we’re never too old to benefit from playing with sand.

To get your little humans outside and back into the sandpit, sometimes you may just need to be a bit more imaginative with their sand play activities.

Think outside the sandbox so to speak.


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