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Maria L. - December 18, 2017

Rainy and Cold Day Indoor Play

Playing indoors can provide the opportunity for creative learning and the practice of gross motor skills.

The benefits are also the development of executive function which includes skills like paying attention and working on tasks from start to finish.

With it being winter sometimes we can't get our kids outside, it is cold or too wet to be outside.

We have all let these excuses get in the way before, only to find ourselves left with kids that are full of energy that needs using! If that’s the case, we have heaps of ideas to get your kids playing creatively inside!

There are lots of options that provide the opportunity to have fun and be creative

1. A Reading Nook


Whether it's for kids to read on their own, or for them to be read to.
Create a special place that a quiet special place that is just for kids to explore the wonder of books and reading.

All you need is a kids teepee, large cushions, and some books and you have created yourself a wonderful oasis for the kids.


Shop our range of teepees here.

2. A Family Game

"A family who plays together stays together"

It's true, who doesn't remember when they were younger playing with their parents and siblings or cousins.

We have a whole range of educational games to play with the kids.

3. Puzzles


Using the brain is obviously something very beneficial for all of us, why not make it fun?!

4. Kids Art Desk / Tables & Chairs

These are great for the little kids, our kids have been using them since they were 1 and 2.

They are 8, 6 and 3 and still use it every single day, they eat their breakfast, draw, do arts and crafts, play dough and much much more!

I think 100% these are one of the most important purchases you can make for a family with little kids. 

Shop our complete range of desks, tables and chairs here.

5. Get Your Kids To Learn An Instrument

We are very lucky to be living right now, with so much technology, you can learn or get your kids to learn an instrument, either from you tube or a course at for under $20AUD.