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Maria L. - October 22, 2017

5 Reasons Parents Love Swing Sets For Kids

5 Reasons Parents Love Swing Sets for Kids

Swing sets for kids have been around as early as 1450 BC in ancient Greece but their widespread popularity really started after the first public playground was open in Manchester, England in 1859.
They have become a favourite in many playgrounds in Australia as they provide a dynamic play experience within the otherwise static play items regularly found in playgrounds.

Are you ready to get your kids off the couch, into the fresh air and engaging with some fun, outdoor toys?

Let’s face it, if we’re not careful, kids today will not go out in the sun to play because of all the tech gadgets they have access to.

This is not healthy for them, as outdoor play has been proven to promote child development in ways that these gadgets can’t.

Swing sets for kids encourage children to be physically active, which is important especially during their early childhood development stage.
They promote the development of motor skills which encourage coordination, balance and exercise.

Broadly speaking, a kid’s swing set can include any or all of the following: metal swings, monkey bars or some kind of climbing frame, a slippery slide, and perhaps a table with an umbrella.

Of course, there are many variations within metal swing sets and there are lots of different types of swings, such as belt swings, swings with a bucket seat (i.e. a baby swing), a twizzler swing, and a nest swing (also known as a web swing or a spidey web swing), among others.

Before we take a look at the reasons why parents in Australia are opting for swing sets for outdoor fun as opposed to other play equipment, let’s look at the safety regulations to consider before acquiring one.

3 Safety Regulations to Consider for Swing Sets

When it comes to finding play equipment and play centres for children, one of the most important things every parent has to take into consideration is their safety.

This is obviously because parents know what’s best for their kids.
However, not all parents are equipped with the right information when it comes to setting up swing sets for their kids.

As experts in the play equipment field, pun intended, we at All Things For Kids recommend considering the following safety regulations.

Adequate Open Space
This may seem like a no brainer, but it's important to make sure you have adequate space for backyard play equipment.

A double swing set for instance should be set up in an open playground so as to maintain setback clearances.

You don’t want your child crashing into a wall when they swing so high. One should place the equipment not less than 1.8 m from any structure or obstruction such as a fence, garage, house, overhanging branches, laundry lines, or electrical wires.

In addition, ensure that the home playground equipment is not installed over a hard surface to avoid serious injury to the equipment user.

Chemical-Free Stain
When parents are seeking out swing sets for kids, they should get ones that are 100% made with a chemical-free stain making them safe for children.

This is because children are, in many cases, subconsciously putting their hands in their mouths or eating without washing their hands first.
If their swing sets are not chemical-stain free, then they will be in danger of getting toxic elements into their systems and falling sick.

At All Things For Kids our wooden swing sets are not only safe for your kids but also for animals as well.

ASTM Compliant
Whatever kid's outdoor swing set you choose to buy, it should meet or exceed the highest safety standards in the market.

ASTM is known for ensuring that products live up to high global standards of safety based upon their research on the use or misuse of all products intended for children.

Now let’s look at the reasons why swing sets for kids are on the top of the list when it comes to outdoor play equipment in Australia.

5 Reasons Parents Love Swing Sets for Kids


5 Reasons Parents Love Swing Sets for Kids

It’s not every day that parents want to get into the car to allow their kids to play in a park so that they can get to enjoy the outdoors and get some vitamin d and some fresh air!

Swing sets for kids provide convenience to parents as they can be set up in your backyard.

They also provide the opportunity for parents to invite their kids’ friends over instead of taking them every time for their playdates.

When you think about it from a wider perspective, they also reduce the costs that come together with leaving the house to go somewhere else for entertainment.

Entertainment and Social Life

5 Reasons Parents Love Swing Sets for Kids

Swing sets in Australia provide a great opportunity for kids to enjoy hours of fun as well as boost their social life.

At All Things For Kids, most of our swing sets are at least double per set which means they have two swings that can be enjoyed together with friends and family.

Having a swing set encourages kids to not only play in the outdoors but also to socialize with their friends, who are an important part of their development.

Impressive features
The swing sets available in the market come with very impressive features to make any playtime a fun experience.

At All Things For Kids, our swing sets for kids come with various capabilities including attachments to slides, cubby houses, rock walls, picnic tables, and sandpits.

The rock wall, for example, is more exciting than your average ladder.
It challenges kids at mountain climbing while at the same time stimulating their coordination, muscle strength and motor skills.

These additions make playtime so exciting for kids getting them to play outdoors for hours on end.

Encourages Quality Time With Kids

5 Reasons Parents Love Swing Sets for Kids

Sometimes parents may lack opportunities and environments to bond with their children in a fun set-up.

The other times they get to bond and know more about their kids in the home in many cases is related to asking them to clean up after themselves or get ready for school or some other duty that they need to do.

Playing with your kids provides a great opportunity for parents to enjoy their company and for kids as well to enjoy their parents.

Swing sets provide this opportunity in various ways such as when the parent gets to push their child and talk with them while on the swings.
Some swing sets come with trampolines on the side which are great for parents if they want to enjoy themselves too.

Sense of Achievement

5 Reasons Parents Love Swing Sets for Kids

Having a swing set for kids provides a sense of achievement for parents because first of all, it’s one of the greatest pleasures for a parent to be able to provide fun moments for your children.

These are what memories are made of. Seeing your kids enjoy themselves with friends and family could make one feel warm and fuzzy inside.
Secondly, being able to assemble a complete swing set for your kids creates a sense of pride and achievement.

This is why parents will always be their kids’ superheroes when they take on such tasks that are life savers if we’re talking about kids getting rescued from boredom.

At All Things For Kids, we understand just what matters for parents and kids when it comes to choosing the perfect swing set.
This is why we ensure that our premium and wide range of swing sets lives up to high standards when it comes to safety as well as play time experience.

All our swing sets are made out of natural cedar wood which is a high quality material that prevents mold and decay.

We offer a 12-months replacement warranty against wood rot and insect damage and the plastic components are UV resistant.

In addition, our exclusive safe-t-fuse locking nuts resist loosening over time which ensures that their rounded surfaces won’t catch on clothing or scrape on skin.


5 Reasons Parents Love Swing Sets for Kids

We already know that there are plenty of indoor toys that benefit kids, such as doll houses and toy trains, which allow kids to practice role play and use their imagination. And then there are typical outside toys like kids’ bikes, balance bikes, and electric scooters, which give kids autonomy and help them perfect their coordination and balance.

Other static outdoor toys and play equipment accessories beyond kids’ swings that can provide hours of entertainment include wooden sand pits and wooden play kitchens, and activity tables with sand and water, which are always a hit among active kids. Climbing rocks are also a ton of fun.
If you have the space, you could definitely consider a swing set for your kids. We, at All Things For Kids have the best you could ever find.