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Maria L. - March 29, 2019

Guide To The Best Trampoline For Your Family

This is a super easy guide to choosing the right trampoline for your family!

1. Traditional Round Trampolines

These are the original trampoline and the biggest selling trampoline on the market, they cater to all ages and weights.

Good for jumping and doing some tricks!

We have the following types of round traditional trampoline.

Click the links to go to the collections page of each size of Traditional Trampolines.

2. Rectangular Trampolines and Square Trampolines

These are great for smaller or odd shaped backyards.

Some people (kids) prefer to jump on a rectangular trampoline as it allows them to do certain tricks!

Shop our range of rectangular trampolines.

Shop our range of round trampolines.

3. Inground Trampolines

These are a great addition to any backyard, they look fantastic, clean and sleek! And the kids can safely jump without having the net enclosure!

All you have to do is dig a hole and pop the inground trampoline in!

Shop our range of inground trampolines here.

How To Choose A Trampoline?

For any good trampoline, reliability, safety, and fun have to come together. The other important criteria are:

  • Size: When looking for the right kids trampoline you need to look at the size you have available.

    We advise you allow 2 meters or as close to that as you can.
  • Shape: Similar to size, these days its rare for anyone to have the old school big sized backyards.

    So we recommend measuring up and getting the right shape and size. 
  • Children's age: Look at the ages that will be using the trampoline, if the eldest is under 3, we would definitely go with a junior trampoline.

    And as the oldest gets older, we would recommend going with a bigger trampoline.

For peace of mind, the smaller the trampoline the smaller the jump and bounce.

However when catering for a few different ages, we would recommend a
8 - 10 ft trampoline.

We are real lovers of trampolines, and believe that they are so good for kids, not only because they are fun, but also because they are good for kids (and adults).

Read more about the health benefits of jumping on trampolines here.