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Maria L. - August 15, 2019

4 Best Christmas Gift Ideas For 1-2-Year-Olds In 2019

The Christmas holiday is here with us again and the search for the best Christmas gift ideas is on.

For many people this is the best time of the year.

For kids in particular, this is when they get the stuff they’ve always wanted. 

For older kids and adults Christmas is a time when family comes together to celebrate, to give gifts, to play and just enjoy the mood for the season.

For religious people, it’s all about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ and what it means to their faith. But what does Christmas really mean for 1-2-year-olds.

Do they even know it’s Christmas?

Keep reading as we delve into the world of 1-2-year-olds.

At this age, toddlers are learning how to communicate and as much as they may want to express themselves more accurately they can’t.

These causes them to throw tantrums. Finding toys that enable them to learn how to express themselves would therefore play an important role in their development and should form a priority when searching for great Christmas gift ideas.

Another characteristic you’ll notice of a 1-2-year-old is their ability to hold things and move them is improving.

As their dexterity increases, it’s important to find toys that enables them to gain mastery of this part of their development.

Although they enjoy playing with friends, they may also not be very friendly towards them and therefore don’t expect them to share their toys so much.

This should be taken into consideration when purchasing the best Christmas gifts for them.

Let’s now take a look at how you can choose amazing Christmas gifts for toddlers.

How to Choose Amazing Christmas Gifts for Toddler

There a couple of factors that anyone looking to find good Christmas gifts for toddles should consider.

Some of them are obvious but some of them require a bit of knowledge in terms of encouraging child development.

At All Things For Kids, we carry a wide variety of toys to suit kids of all ages. From bath toys to cubby houses, we have it all. First let’s look at the important things to take into consideration when finding appropriate Christmas gifts for 1-2-year olds.

Safety. Let’s face it, as much as toys are fun, they can also be hazardous especially to children under 3 years old. There’s the risk of them choking to pieces and parts of toys especially because they tend to put stuff in their mouths a lot. If they’re battery operated toys, ensure that the battery section is properly sealed and cannot be unsealed by a toddler. Battery fluids could pose a huge risk to a child by causing choking, or chemical burns. Therefore, parents or guardians must supervise their toddlers when they’re playing. There are some things to look out for when purchasing toys.

Supported riding toys- if you’re going to purchase riding toys such as cars, rocking horses and wagons, ensure that they have support and safety harnesses or straps so as to secure the child and avoid them from tipping.

Go easy on hand me downs. When toys have been overused, they may pose a risk to the toddler as they could be easy to break as a result of them getting worn out.
Also, if they’re very old they may be lacking the required safety standards such as being tested for safety. For instance, toys made before 1978 may contain paint that is contaminated with lead.

Consider the size. Ensure that they’re bigger than 3 centimeters in diameter and 6 centimeters in length. Avoid coins, balls and games with balls whose diameter is less than 4.4centimetres as they can easily cause choking if stuck in the throat.

Strength. The breakability and strength of a toy is of utmost importance as it could mean preventing the toddler from ingesting a piece of the toy when broken. They should therefore be strong enough to withstand chewing. Ensure that they also do not have sharp ends and joints, small ends that can reach the back of the mouth, long strings that are more than 7 inches (18 centimeters), small parts that could pinch the hands of a toddler.

Improve dexterity. As toddlers’ hand-eye coordination improves, they also begin to gain mastery in holding things. You may notice that they have stopped banging toys against the wall and are instead using them to build or create bigger structures. For instance, toddlers will do well with blocks that can be stacked up.

Encourage pretend play. Their communication abilities are beginning to improve and this will be evident when you hear them making sounds like “choo choo” when playing with trains or pretending to speak when holding a toy phone.
When searching for the best Christmas gift ideas, you should be okay with any toy that gives them an opportunity to pretend to do the activities done by older people.

The more colorful the better. When 1-2 year olds are developing, they begin to notice colors and shapes and enjoy differentiating them.
Therefore, a great Christmas gift idea would be to find toys that are colorful and fun for their little hands to hold.

Easy to clean. Other than finding the safest toys, it’s important for parents to learn how to keep them safe for use. Opt for toys that are easy to clean.

At All Things For Kids we carry a line of toys that are either dishwasher safe or can easily be hand washed with antibacterial soap and rinsed with water.

4 Best Christmas Gifts For 1-2 Year Olds

Plastic Playhouse

This makes a perfect Christmas gift for a child age 1.5 years and upwards.

The balls can be placed on the roof making them fall through a maze of activities on the 4 corners of the house while making plonking sounds that are sure to excite the kids.

The bright colour scheme also encourages their ability to tell different colours apart while at the same time provide fun and exciting moments for them during their play time.

Dolls encourage role playing and teach toddlers how to express their emotions when they pretend to talk to the dolls and care for them.

This is important for their social and emotional development and thus makes a great Christmas gift idea that will definitely put a smile on their dial. 

Growing Wooden Swing Set for Baby, Toddler and Child Made by Plum Play

This is an award winning gift that stands to make a fantastic Christmas gift as it is built to adjust to the different stages of a child’s growth from baby, to toddler to older child.

The Independent Online observed that "We reckon this is the best garden swing on the market.
The frame can be adjusted, so it suits everyone from babies to early teens, and it features a three-stage, animal-themed seat for growing bottoms.

" This toy also makes a smart toy for toddlers as it teaches cause and effect through the pushing and swinging that takes place when in use."

Your baby is fascinated by cause and effect and will enjoy any toy that responds to his actions and makes use of newly acquired motor skills," says psychologist Robin Goodman, Ph.D., director of NYU Child Study Center's Website,

Smooth Wooden Basket Of Fruits

Good habits and behavior can be nurtured through toys such as the smooth wooden basket of fruits.

This is a great gift to encourage kids at a tender age to start liking vegetables and fruits.

The vibrant colors make them very fascinating and will therefore make an interesting Christmas gift to get a 1-2-year-old.

You will not need to nag them into eating their fruits and vegetables after getting them these.

Ferry Boat Baby Bath Toy By Wonder Wheels

Bath toys continue to be very popular Christmas gift for 1-2 year olds as they come in handy during bath time when in some instances toddlers like to throw tantrums.

They encourage them to enjoy being in water and getting clean.

They come in bright colors that make it more interesting and contributes to their learning in telling different colors apart.

If you’re looking for a perfect Christmas gift for an affordable price, then this ferry boat baby bath toy by wonder wheels will make a great choice for you.

t All Things For Kids, we take Christmas holidays very seriously. Finding the perfect Christmas gift for a 1-2-year-old shouldn’t be a hassle especially in this age of information.

We have taken time to research and make available gifts that are sure to bring the Christmas joy that we’re all after during this season.

We unsure secure shopping and fast delivery of all our products.
Rest assured that when you come to us, you will get everything you need in one stop.