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Maria L. - September 23, 2019

10 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for 5 to 6-Year-Olds in 2019

It’s that time of the year again and what an exciting time it is.

It’s all about family, friendship, giving and receiving gifts and of course celebrating the birth of Christ.

If you have a 5-6-year-old on your list of gift receivers this year then you’re in luck because we have the best Christmas gift ideas, you will find online.

At All Things For Kids, we understand toys and we understand kids.
We’re basically the elves in Santa’s sleigh and this year we’re taking the notch a little higher to make Christmas as memorable as possible.

A 5-6-year-old is probably feeling like a “big kid” and is able to express themselves better.
They can say what they like and what they don’t like and therefore you might already know what’s on their Christmas wish list.

But what if you want to surprise them with something that they’ll definitely love?

Well, here are some 10 amazing Christmas ideas that you have to look at before deciding what exactly you’re going to get them.

10 Best Christmas Gifts For 5 to 6-Year-Olds

Warrigal Children’s Cubby House Set with Yellow Slide

Cubby houses are great for child development.

They promote different skills all at once.

They make perfect Christmas gifts for 5-6 year olds as they’re old enough and therefore big enough to climb the stairs or the rock walls which promotes physical exercise.

The warrigal cubby house for instance, is one of the coolest cubby houses out there as it has a slide and it’s not just any slide, it’s a wavy slide.

It also has a rock wall and a sandpit which are great for promoting motor skills.
It also has a noughts and crosses game as well as a chalk board which help inspire kids to think and be creative respectively.

Plus, this is the kind of gift that nurtures their emotional and social skills because 5-6 year olds are normally beginning to make friends at this age.

Therefore, a cubby house encourages them to play with other kids and nurture those skills.

10 Foot Premium Magnitude Round Kids Trampoline

Trampolines are great for getting kids to exercise.

All the jumping they do contributes a huge deal to their physical activity.

Occupational therapists have become very fond of it as the rhythmic bouncing when kids jump on it suggests that it helps in language development.

This trampoline fits the different criteria one should look for when looking to buy one.

These include safety, reliability, durability, wide diameter, fun and affordably priced.

Although it’s a safe trampoline to use, parental supervision is always advised when kids are playing.

54 Piece Giant Jenga Outdoor Wooden Block Game

Wooden block games are great for open ended play.

This is because they develop skills such as imagination and creativity.

Stack the wooden blocks in a tower, then take turns pulling out one blocks one by one.

This 86 cm tall wooden block game therefore makes a fantastic choice of toy as it is great for, weddings, birthday parties, community events, and outdoor activities.

Adjustable Portable Basketball Stand Hoop System

Let’s face it, kids love throwing things through hoops wherever they find them.

Playing basketball is a natural tendency for kids and adults alike.

This basketball stand hoop makes a perfect Christmas gift idea for not just 5-6 year olds but will be useful by anyone in the home.

It has 5 adjustable heights which means junior kids and adults alike. It also has roller wheels which makes it easy for maneuverability.

Lighted Electronic Keyboard - 61 Keys

This portable keyboard with 61 keys is a favorite for kids who love music.

It makes a fantastic Christmas gift for kids because it has an intelligent teaching function that is the one-key and guide function.

It makes learning music notes much easier and with time kids are likely to play music beautifully even on a keyboard that lacks this feature.

Amazon 3 Metre Kids Wooden High Quality Backyard Monkey Bars

Monkey bars build strength and dexterity for children and can be an important part of their development.

This 3 metre wooden monkey bar makes a great Christmas gift as it’s quite durable.

Each Southern Pine cut is carefully selected, dried to the appropriate level of humidity for the Aussie climate and double checked for strength and quality.

AirZone 6 9ft Bouncer By Lifespan Kids

Jumping castles are amazing and every kid agrees.

If you want to bring kids together to play especially this holiday season, then this one will work like magic.

AirZone Bouncers are designed as a portable trampoline.

Simply turn on the air pump and your air bouncer will be up in seconds. Once you're done, switch off the air pump and pack your bouncer away.

Kids Kitchen by Kid Kraft

Our Vintage Kitchen in Red lets kids pretend they are cooking big feasts for the whole family.
With its close attention to detail and interactive features, this adorable kitchen would make a great Christmas gift for any of the young chefs in your life.

4-in-1 Game Table- Air Hockey Pool Football Table Tennis

This is such an amazing game as it offers 4 different games in one. It can be used for air hockey, pool, football and tennis.

This Christmas holiday, one can get kids together to enjoy the different games and prevent boredom.

It’s also a space saving game as all four games can be stored neatly in this wooden table unit means it won't clutter up your home and saves you on storage space!

Simply stack away from the individual game boards and accessories on top of each other.

et All Things For Kids help you make this Christmas wonderful as you find the best gifts for 5-6 year olds.

We provide free shipping for many of the gifts on our site. We also ensure secure shopping and fast delivery of all our products.
Rest assured that when you come to us, you will get everything you need in one stop.